Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Poetry In Motion

Kicked off my first day of vacation with breakfast and Body Language. They're back on Teen Month, this time with Lisa Bonet from The Cosby Show and Jason Bateman, at that point from The Hogan Family. This reminds me why I had a bit of a crush on Bateman then; he was so wonderfully expressive with his clues! Alas, Bonet's contestant guessed the tie-breaker puzzle. They did go on to win both bonus rounds, in fair time, too.

Called Mom after I ate. I've been meaning to do this for ages. Turns out she never called me because her cell phone and coverage badly needed to be upgraded. Cell phones don't always come in well down at the Shore. She's been going just as crazy at the Cape-May-Lewes Ferry as I have at the Acme. One of the ferries went into drydock during the winter for routine maintenance...that never happened. They couldn't get the parts. They've been stuck with two Ferries and lots of standing-room-only trips during the busy summer season. 

Switched to the fifth season of Hogan's Heroes as I did the dishes. "Hogan Goes Hollywood" when a movie star who joined the Army (Alan Oppenheimer) ends up in the camp. Klink's thrilled to film a propaganda movie featuring him and the other prisoners. Hogan and his boys find this to be the perfect cover for them blowing up a near-by bridge.

I was in and out of the main house with laundry all day. Washed towels and linens this morning before I left, then the blankets. Did the bath mats later in the afternoon. The latter are still drying; I wasn't messing around with the controls on the dryer. 

Needed to run a few quick errands next. Just finished The American Agent this morning, and it was due today anyway. Dropped it at the Oaklyn Library, promising the librarian I'd bring Lauren around sometime this week to say hi. Needed a few things at Dollar General that couldn't wait. My Windex bottle and baking soda box were almost empty. Restocked cooking spray; grabbed a six-pack of Pepsi for Lauren (she loves her Pepsi). I'm tired of scrubbing floors and bought a mop to clean the bathroom floor instead.

At least it was a lovely day to run around. Hot, breezy, and a bit humid, though not to the degree of the heat waves we've had all summer. A few clouds drifted in around the middle of the afternoon, but they drifted out just as quickly. 

Switched out the wash when I got in, then put Shall We Dance on the Watch TCM app while wiping down and mopping the bathroom and kitchen. I go further into this vehicle for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers with some of the Gershwins' most enduring hits at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

It was past 3 by the time I managed to sit down long enough to have a smoothie and muffins for lunch. Russian spy Marya (Nita Talbot) returns on Hogan's Heroes. Worried that Marya's latest lover is actually trying to get to her underground contacts, Hogan convinces Klink to create "Klink's Commandoes" with them and his men and get them to the Russian Front.

It's an "Unfair Exchange" when a pretty spy from the German Underground ends up in the hands of the Getstopo. Hogan and the boys resort to desperate measures to rescue her - kidnapping General Burkhalter's sister Gertrude (Kathleen Freeman) and trading her for the young lady.

Moved to the second half of Tattletales as I vacuumed and ran the Swifter on the floor. Sitcom pair Patty Duke and John Astin got every question right and picked up the highest total on the show at that point, 650, to the delight of the red section! 

The ladies battled it out on Press Your Luck as I dusted the apartment. In the end, the champ hit too many Whammies. A college student looking to further her school career picked up over 5,000 to put towards her education.

Did a little writing after the show ended. Gary, Richard's eldest son, is worried about his father being on trial. Sir Richard was unable to rescue his men from the dungeon, and the boy fears the Red King may want to lock up his parent as well. Brett and Marcia assure him they'll do everything they can to keep that from happening. 

Broke for dinner a little early at 6. Watched Match Game '76 while I made the bed and cleared leftovers out of the fridge. Brett and Charles made jokes about starting a restaurant with her lacy tablecloth-like poncho in the first episode. For some reason, the next episode skipped the last show of that week and went straight into the next. Orson Bean returns for the first time in a while as the others make jokes about the obvious answers to "__ Pills" in the Audience Match. 

Jessa picked me up as Match Game ended in a very unusual little van. For some reason, it had the steering wheel on the "wrong" side they drive on elsewhere in the world. She said it was a classic car. Classic somewhere, I'm sure, but I'd never seen anything like it. Midnight whimpered in the back seat as she avoided traffic on the back roads and headed past the Cooper Medical building to Cherry Hill.

As it turned out, not only were we early, but Lauren left 20 minutes late. Jessa pulled into the back of Shop Rite's parking lot. We got to chat and admire a gorgeous pink sunset while waiting for Lauren.

After she finally pulled in, I lead Lauren into the apartment. Thankfully, it would seem the late arrival of the Cherry Hill train was the only problem she had. Everything else ran smoothly, with no trouble boarding or at the stations. She gave me the complete series set for Miami Vice, a set of Perry Mason movies, and the 1982 musical version of Popeye with Robin Williams and Shelly Duvall on DVD and loved the comics and knitted stuffed purple pig I gave her. 

We finished the night online. She watched Perfect Strangers episodes; I watched The Love Boat. Isaac hopes "The Starmaker," a concert promoter, will catch his act with three singing maids (The Pointer Sisters) and make them famous. A hunky former football star (David Hasselhoff) is in love with Julie, but she thinks "Humpty Dumpty" loves living in his past glories more. An "Aquaphobic" man (Louis Nye) thinks everyone on board is making fun of his fear of the water, until his caring fiancĂ©e (Audra Linley) makes him realize he's far from the only person to be afraid of something. 

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