Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Pac Man Fever

Since we weren't meeting Jessa until later and Jodie put the house on the market today, we began the morning by tidying up, doing dishes, and me making my bed. Had breakfast while Hogan's Heroes was on. Hogan makes "The Big Gamble" when the boys set up a casino to lure in a scientist who may have a piece of equipment the Allies need to win the war.

Balki and Larry become "Defiant Guys" in Perfect Strangers when Balki handcuffs a busy Larry so he can talk to him, then loses the key. Larry's about to have an important lunch with his boss Mr. Burns and Burns' boss Mr. Wainright, which means Balki has to come along, too. He's hoping Balki will be able to sit alone, but then the snooty head of the society department shows up, and they have to try harder to hide that handcuff.

Switched to Match Game-Hollywood Squares as I finished up the dishes. Couldn't have chosen a better episode for Lauren's introduction to the show. This one came from a theme week showcasing the more teen and family-friendly sitcoms either on the air or in syndication at that point. Eddie Mecca and David L. Lander of Laverne & Shirley, Linda Goodfriend and Erin Moran of Happy Days, and Mindy Cohn of The Facts of Life join Police Academy cop Michael Winslow and cool older lady Nedra Voltz for matches and wisecracks. 

It was almost noon when we strolled off to Jalapeno's for lunch. The place was dark, quiet, and perfect to focus on tasty quesadillas. She had chipotle chicken. After two chicken sandwiches this week gave me nasty indigestion, I decided to take no chances and went veggie. They were both delicious and stuffed to the brim with roasted vegetables, chicken, and cheese...and huge. It took us a while to finish.

In previous years, we've always walked the way down the White Horse Pike to Barrington. It's a really long walk, a half-hour or more, and we didn't have that much time. We ended up taking a quick bus ride instead. 

The Barrington Antique Center is a warren of tiny little rooms in an old storefront, with every single conceivable vintage thing you can imagine stuffed in its tiny crevices and many shelves. I didn't see something I really wanted until the last minute. I found a rack with home made American Girl-sized doll clothes. Most of the clothes looked very late 40s-50's in design, with full skirts and simple bodices. I chose a purple floral with black lace for Whitney and a blue gingham for Molly.

The House of Fun, the pop culture collectibles shop that used to be in Oaklyn, moved to Barrington a few months ago. Lauren found its location tucked into a tiny shopping center on the White Horse Pike. Not only is the store a lot newer and bigger, but the ceilings are much higher as well, allowing for far more racks of action figures to be displayed and for better organization. Lauren didn't get anything, but I found a Wuzzle, one of the plus animal-mix characters Disney put out in the mid-80's. There were three, one of which I already had (Hoppo). I went with Eleroo, the sweet purple and pink elephant with the kangaroo's pouch and big feet. 

We doubled back to Clements Bridge Road after that and bought soda at a pizza shop. Texted Jessa to tell her we were waiting for the bus. She cut out the middle man and picked us up in her odd little van on the way to Deptford instead.

Our first stop at the Deptford Mall was Round 1, a huge entertainment center on the second floor. They're an arcade/bowling alley, and while we do all enjoy bowling, we finally decided we only had time to check out the arcade. Most of the games are huge, neon-lit versions of familiar favorites like Pac Man or newer ones like Jurassic Park

There were three rows of cranes in the center of the room. I tried to win a big stuffed Luna and a realistic cat who reminded me of Rose's cat Lynx, but no luck. Did much better with the skee ball machines. I spent a lot of my childhood playing skee ball at the arcades on Cape May's promenade.

Browsed around the second floor of the Deptford Mall next. Deptford's FYE opened a few weeks ago. I found the soundtrack for The Princess Bride, one of my favorite childhood movies, on LP. Searched Boscov's for work pants, but didn't find anything. (I ultimately ordered a pair from Amazon tonight.)

Since Red Robin is right next to Boscov's, we had dinner there next. Jessa treated us to sandwiches and their towering stack of crispy onion rings. Jess had a Guacamole Bacon Burger. I had the same "Bonzai" (Teriyaki-Pineapple) Burger as when I went here with Jessa and Joe a few years ago. It was just as good this time...and just as messy. The pineapple kept slipping out of the bun. Lauren kept things simple with a BLT on a croissant and Chicken Tortilla Soup. 

We strolled around downstairs for another half-hour or so, checking out Box Lunch and a larger Go! Toys and Games than the one at Cherry Hill, but ultimately didn't see anything interesting. Not to mention, it was getting pretty late by that point. Jess just ended up driving us home around quarter after 7. 

We got organized, then I jumped in the shower. Finished the night online with Three Sailors and a Girl. I go further into the first of two movies I'll be reviewing this week honoring the late Jane Powell at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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