Friday, April 28, 2023

Rainy Daze

Started off the morning finishing the Silent Stars book. The last star discussed was a little off-beat. Rin-Tin-Tin was the biggest animal star of his day. His action movies and dramas were so popular, they saved Warner Bros from bankruptcy until sound came along. He was said to have been able to do amazing stunts and perform expertly on cue - probably more than some humans at Warners. He may also have been the only star in the book who didn't have to worry about sound. His bark recorded just fine. In fact, he probably would have continued further into the sound era at other studios had he not already been an advanced age for a dog. He died in the arms of his neighbor Jean Harlow - not a bad way to go! 

Switched to Charlie & Lola while I ate breakfast. Charlie and Lola learn to "Look After Your Planet" when they see a contest to win a tree you can plant if you gather 100 things that can be recycled. It's too hard to do it alone, so they get their whole school involved. Even then, it's hard to get everything...until Marv's little brother Morton comes up with the last bits from an unlikely source.

Though it wasn't raining at quarter of 11, it was cloudy and a little humid...and it was supposed to pour later. I called Uber. I wasn't taking chances after I got wet going home from work earlier in the week. For a lousy weather day, I had no trouble getting cars. The one taking me to the Acme arrived in five minutes; the one taking me home came in 2. 

Spent the first half of my shift sweeping and gathering carts. Maybe it's just as well that they pulled me to take a register once another bagger came in. It started raining around noon and has been off and on, often heavily, for the rest of the day. It wasn't really that busy until around 4:30-5, when rush hour started and I was the only cashier. We seriously had no help whatsoever. It slowed down enough by 6 that I was able to shut down with no problems, despite my relief being late.

(I did end up taking my breaks outside, on the covered patio part of the sidewalk. They're in the midst of repainting and remodeling our break room. It does need it, but I wish they could have done it after hours. Some people did eat in there, but the paint smell was too overwhelming for me.)

Went grocery shopping once my shift ended. I mainly needed snacks for the week. They were out of the coconut milk I usually drink, so I figured I'd try the generic brand. Candy Snap grapes were back to being cheap; bags of baby carrots are cheap, too. Grabbed yogurt, scones, and blueberries on sale. Not only do they still have that coupon for the free bag, but they just got in spring-themed bags with pretty floral designs. I bought two, one pink and green, one a tropical citrus theme on a peach background. I'll use them for my spring and summer decorations. 

My schedule this week is barely a schedule. On one hand, I have three days off, including Monday for physical therapy and a rare Sunday...but my hours are practically nothing. I need to step up finding a job, and fast. 

After I got home, I changed and went straight into Match Game '73. Fannie Flagg joined in for her first week on the show, along with comedy writer Ann Elder and comedian Jack Carter. Jack, in fact, got to do one of his few Head-to-Heads with "Stock __." 

Let it go into Match Game '79 while I ate dinner. I liked Fannie Flagg's answer for what a very old turkey wears (and what Gary Burghoff thinks of the question). Later on, Brett has far less luck helping the contestant with "Hotel __" on the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night on Kanopy with the Douglas Fairbanks version of The Three Musketeers. I watched part of this before, but it's so long, but I never got to finishing it. At least it moves a lot faster and is far less ponderous than his Robin Hood, despite the over two-hour running time. It's also one of the few adaptations I've seen to be fairly true to the book; it even includes the Musketeers' lackeys and the entire subplot with the Queen's earrings. There's a lot of great sword fights, derring do, and jumping around on roof tops and furniture, and Fairbanks is obviously having a whale of a time. The rest of the cast is having almost as much fun, especially George Siegmann as a hilarious Porthos and Nigel De Bruilier as a perfectly oily Cardinal Richeleu. 

If you're a big fan of the book, swashbucklers, or Fairbanks and have time on your hands (it's almost 2 and 1/2 hours), this is highly recommended.  

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