Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Sunny Day Angels

Got a quicker start than I planned today. Quickly read the next chapter in my silent film stars book on Rudolph Valentino, wrote in my journal, changed, grabbed a granola bar, and rushed out. Had to dodge traffic on Cuthbert and Haddon Avenue, which along with the late start, made me ten minutes late for my appointment.

At least they took it well. I just signed a few papers when I got in. They came for me in less than five minutes. I laid down on a doctor's table and the lady smeared some jelly-like substance on my neck, then pushed her fingers around it. I wiped it off and headed out. It all took less than 10 minutes, and I was back on the road again in 15.

(Oh, and I later discovered online that the ultrasound came out negative. Nothing different than last year.)

Since I rushed out without eating much, I had breakfast at the Haddon Diner. This small restaurant took over the original location of the Westmont Diner about two blocks away from South Jersey Radiology over the border between Westmont and Haddonfield. It looked almost the same, with the same dark paneling and vinyl covered booths. I had a delicious Greek omelet with tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, feta cheese, and sausage, home fries, and whole-wheat toast. Watched the cars go by on Haddon Avenue while listening to the chatter of the small crowd.

Made a quick stop at the WaWa on the corner of Cuthbert and Haddon Avenue for a drink before heading home. It was too nice of a day not to ride through Newton Lake Park. The sun was shining, the wind continued to blow, and it was neither too hot, nor too cold for late April, in the mid-60's. The sun shined on the bottle-green water, sparkling as parents pushing strollers and older people out for walks made their way past.

After I got home, I looked over older journals (I just finished my latest one today) until Match Game '77 came on. Arte Johnson and Barbara Rhodes join Patti Deustch and the regulars for this week. Brett happily shows off a lovely sign a fan made her in the first episode. They had trouble figuring out "__ Flower" in the Audience Match in the second episode.

Let it run into Tattletales while I ate lunch. Although Allen and Betty did very well, this time, it was long-married Susan Howard and Calvin Chrane who came up with the big win for the banana section. Alana and George Hamilton did do better, though - they actually got on the board before the last minute.

Went back to job hunting briefly before I went on Zoom with Mrs. Stahl. While I did largely enjoy my birthday and my quiet Easter, I'm tired of work and wishing I could get out of it sooner. I'm barely getting retirement money, and certainly not what Mom thinks I am. I want a real job, and a real home that's really and truly mine, and that I'll never have to leave unless I want to. I'm just getting so tired of waiting for those things!

I'm a little depressed. Not heavy, suicidal depression like Rose gets, but I'm tired, and I'm fed up with everything. I'm tired of my brain not working the way it should. It doesn't take a normal person twenty years to find a decent job. I don't see someone who's being negative or too hard on herself. I see someone who acts like a spoiled child and isn't hard ENOUGH on herself. I don't push myself hard enough to get the job done, or I'd have a real job already. I need to learn how to kick myself in the right direction. 

After counseling, I rested and enjoyed popcorn while watching April Love. I go further into this surprisingly charming vehicle for Pat Boone and Shirley Jones at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Went online for a while to try to write. Richard tries to direct the ladies away from his private life by wondering why these gang members are so rough on suits. He still needs to get his fixed. Lee's more interested in finding out how they intend to lure the remaining gang members with the gold.

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. This was one of the funniest episodes of Match Game '73. It opens with Gene in another strange suit, a gray and white check with a pink bow tie that prompts Brett and Pat Harrington to ask him when he became part of a vaudeville team. Pat gets in a cheap shot on Richard when he comments that an answer is "More than Diana (Richard's ex wife) ever did." Far from being offended, Richard ruefully admits it's true. 

After dinner, I took the laundry downstairs, then brushed my teeth and took a shower while it was in the washer. Put it in the dryer, then went back upstairs for Charlie's Angels on The Roku Channel. "Angel's Child" is one of the darker episodes of the 4th season. To her horror, Kelly learns that the police officer working on the theft case they've also been hired to handle tends to take out his anger and frustration in his partner being killed on his son. After she finds the boy with a black eye, Kelly becomes determined to get him away from his abusive father. Not only does the kid really love his father no matter what, but the thieves have their own plans for Kelly and the boy. 

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