Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Springtime Angels

Got a quick start with breakfast and Charlie & Lola. "I Can Dance Like a Dancer," says Lola when her class learns country (square) dancing. Her friends all show her different types of dances, from ballet to belly dancing, but she can't figure them out...until she realizes she prefers doing her own special moves.

Karen picked me up for counseling at 10. When we arrived, I told her I've changed my goals. I still want out of the Acme, and I still need to find a better job. However, I'm not going to get a decent, solid job that really makes money until I get more training. I'll look for another part-time job on the same rate of pay as the Acme that's closer to what I want to do while I figure out how I can return to school without taking years or spending a bundle. And we did actually find something perfect right before we finished. The library at the Jewish Center in Cherry Hill needs a part-time assistant, 10 to 1 Monday-Thursday, and they do have health insurance. I don't mind learning about different religions and cultures. Cape May had and has a large Jewish community. 

After I got home, I finally stripped the flannel sheets off my bed and replaced them with the lighter spring/fall sheets. Put away four of my six blankets, too. It's been too warm for them. Left out my blue and tan comforter and the emerald green afghan Mom knitted for me years ago. 

Went online after that to schedule myself a few random vacation days. I had no idea I still had vacation time left. I figured I finished it up during my week off in late December. One will be my birthday. The rest will be random days off, if for no other reason than to avoid what I went through this week and make sure I actually get two days off to rest and get things done for the remainder of the month. 

Worked on writing for a while next. Fannie's annoyed when the men finally do arrive. So's Brett Somers, who owns a ranch in the valley. There's been a rash of cattle thefts in her area, and she's worried her ranch will be next. She runs it alone after her husband went back east.

Broke for lunch at 1:30. Watched Yogi the Easter Bear as I ate. Yogi's in big trouble when he eats all the candy intended for the Jellystone National Park Easter Jamboree and destroys the Easter Bunny suit. Ranger Smith is furious. The Park Commissioner is coming with his grandchildren to inspect the park and take in the Jamboree. When he's threatened with being sent to Siberia, Yogi takes Boo Boo to find the real Easter Bunny...and end up having to rescue him and the Easter Chicken from a pair of extremely peculiar plastic-obsessed villains.

Headed off to work after dropping off Easter cards in the mailbox (and saying hi to my nephew Khai on his bike - he was on his way home from school). Work didn't start out busy, but it got really insane during rush hour. And this was with actual help, for once. They just hired two new cashiers, and they had their tests on the register today. There were a few bobbles, but other than that and the long lines later, no major problems. My relief was right on time. 

Went straight home after that. Had dinner while watching Match Game Syndicated. Patty Duke shows off her designer jeans to an unimpressed Gene Rayburn. Later on, Gene does a little soft-shoe dance to illustrate a question about the elderly man who wants to be on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour, Debralee Scott shows off her old cheerleading moves, and Alfie Wise and the others help the contestant with "Swollen __" on the Audience Match. 

Finished the night with Charlie's Angels on The Roku Channel. Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett) falls in love with a mysterious young man while shopping for Charlie's birthday. Turns out he's the Grand Prince of a small European country who is in the US to avoid assassins and try to do things for himself. Turns out they followed him...and "The Prince and the Angel" are in the line of fire. The other girls agree to help Jill find out who these men are, despite Bosley's protests that they're not being paid for this job. 

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