Saturday, April 22, 2023

Stormy Matches

Started off the morning with breakfast and Disenchanted. I go further into the Disney Plus sequel to Enchanted from last November at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Did some job searching and worked on writing as the movie ended. Gene finally pacifies Brett by telling her the whole set-up is a trap. They're hoping that word of the gold will get around and bring in the Wild Rider Gang. Fannie's more worried about them spooking her customers, while Debralee is only interested in listening to Richard.

Had a quick lunch, then headed off to work. When I left, it was sunny and very windy, slightly chillier than yesterday but nothing crazy. It wasn't supposed to rain heavily until later this evening. I figured I'd be fine riding the bike.

Work was a pain in the rear. When we weren't dead, we were dealing with grouchy people who did nothing but complain about the prices and buying bags. I'm sick to death of hearing about both. I can't help inflation.

I still don't understand why people can't figure out the bagging thing. They complained that the plastic bags were too small, too hard to open, and ripped too easily, and they complain that the vinyl and cloth bags cost too much, don't open easily enough, and are going to get thrown away eventually anyway. Here's an idea. Don't use bags. Just dump everything in your car. Why bother with bags if all you're going to do is fuss over them?

It remained sunny through about 5 PM...but by 5:30, dark clouds gathered outside. I walked my bike into a heavy shower. I didn't want to wait around all night, so I just rode home and got wet. The rain stopped about half-way through Oaklyn, but it started up again less than 10 minutes after I got in the door and has been off and on, sometimes heavily, ever since. (Although we still haven't gotten the thunder storms they predicted.)

Finished the night with dinner and tonight's Match Game Classics weekend marathon on YouTube. The head of the channel went with an unusual theme this week - episodes featuring actors who were away from the show for a while, but came back. There was a lot of this in Match Game '90, which did have several panelists from the original show making appearances. Dick and Dolly Martin turned up together and separately, and there were also Avery Schriber, Mary Wickes, and Marcia Wallace. Bill Daily and Elaine Joyce appeared together on one week of The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour, along with old Squares hand George Gobel. Gary Burgoff did a later week. McLean Stevenson did some of his funniest work on the show during a wild week in 1974, his first appearance on the program in over a year. 

No one made more of a return after a prolonged absence than Charles Nelson Reilly. He left the show in late 1974 to direct the hit Broadway play The Belle of Amherst with his old friend Julie Harris. He literally dropped back in to kick off one of the best weeks of mid-1975, via a wire and a stuffed bird he named Harry. As Richard quipped later when helping him out of the flying harness, "I've heard of frequent flyer miles, but this is ridiculous!" 

Celebrate some fabulous returns with these hilarious episodes!

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