Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Dolls In the Summertime

Slept so late, it was 12:30 before I got going. Had brunch while watching Match Game '77. By the time I got to it, they were on the week with Tom Smothers and another soap star, Meg Bennett. Charles also returns after having taken a week off to care for his mother. The others try to figure out "Liver __" in the Audience Match.

Spent the next few hours dressing the dolls for August heat. Samantha and Molly wear their historically accurate bathing suits that I found on eBay. I also picked up Jessa's purple and blue Luau Outfit from there. Ariel's green floral suit and Whitney's Our Generation purple Popsicle-print suit were gifts from Lauren. Kit's bathing suit costs upwards to $350 or more on eBay. She's borrowing Molly's Tennis Outfit and the Springfield Collection denim sneakers instead. 

Josefina and Felicity come from time periods where bathing wasn't considered lady-like. Josefina wears the pretty beige floral Empire waist dress and fringed moccasins I found her in a decade ago. Felicity and Barbara Jean stay in the same outfits they wore last month. I really don't have enough to change them into.

It was nearly 3:30 before I finished and put everything away. Needed to stretch my legs, so I went for a walk. Picked up a drink at Family Dollar, then headed down a few blocks to Newton Lake Park for a stroll down the path. It was an absolutely perfect day for it. The sky was blue and it was a tad humid, but nothing like what it has been. It was also a little cloudy, but that and a nice wind kept it cool. 

The park is beautiful at this time of year. Everything is so green! The trees spread their leafy cover out as I made my way past Beechwood and down the dirt path in the back of the houses. Followed a trail up the hill that lead to more homes, including a large Tyrolean timber-style one. 

Had lunch while watching more Password '61. Pat Carroll and a young dark-haired Johnny Carson were absolutely hilarious in this episode, which went off the rails in spectacular fashion. Johnny said the actual word at least once, and there were several clues that didn't make much sense. Plus, the female contestant made the funniest faces when she gave wrong answers. 

Went into writing and taking the laundry downstairs after I ate. The Good Witch Patti makes the silver and scarlet slippers worn by the Wicked Warlock appear on Joyce's feet. She's not sure she likes the idea, but Patti tells her they're important. They have special powers.

Broke for dinner and switching the laundry to the dryer at 7:30. Returned to Match Game '79 while I ate. Gary Burgoff took over for Charles (who was directing a play) during the show's final week on CBS. He was joined by Bart Braverman, Bill Daily, and Elaine Joyce (with darker hair than usual). There was a lot of arguing in this one over "Cool Whip" not matching "whipped cream." Marcia Wallace did her best with "Fantasy __" in the Head to Head.

Finished the night on Shout! TV with A Swingin' Summer after I brought my laundry upstairs. I go further into this Beach Party imitation that largely introduced Raquel Welch to audiences at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Oh, and the saga of Valerie Bertanelli on Match Game '78 continues at YouTube and GSN. As of right now, I'm wondering what all the fuss is about. Valerie played very well, and other than Gene getting into her personal space once, nothing has been very out of order. However, these are the episodes from earlier in the week, before lunch. Once everyone has had a drink or two (or eight or eleven), things might be very different. 

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