Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Out In the Sunlight

Got a really quick start this morning with breakfast and Charlie & Lola. The duo are delighted to have a pet mouse Charlie dubs Nibbles who is adorable and quite clever. When he passes away, Charlie teaches his sister about death and rebirth, leaving her to say "I Will Not Never, Ever Forget You Nibbles."

Rushed off to work after that. I barely made it on time. Not that it mattered. I bagged today and will on Friday. The head bagger is on vacation (and takes Wednesdays off anyway) and the regular day bagger already has enough hours. I wish I could have focused on sweeping and pushing carts. The weather was perfect for it. It was in the mid-80's and sunny, and that chilly wind from yesterday lingered. I didn't hear right when they wanted me to clean up something near the dairy refrigerator or that they wanted certain bags used on small trash cans in the women's bathroom. It's often hard for me to focus on what people are saying, especially when I'm tired.

Rushed home soon as I finished. I was so worn out, I wasn't up for much more than changing and putting on Match Game '74. Came in for the tail end of the week with Gunilla Hutton of Petticoat Junction and Richard Deacon. Gunilla put any blonde jokes to rest by playing very well, while Deacon announces his new microwave cookbook to the world.

Had dinner while watching Match Game '79. No clue why Buzzr jumped back to the first episode of the year. Gene stumbles into the studio draped with streamers and looking more than a little bleary-eyed from the New Year's celebrations. Connie Stevens, Jack Jones, and the others help him introduce a very funny bald man who claimed he went on the show because his wife bet him a bald man could get on.

I wasn't up to much more than finishing the night with Mystery Science Theater 3000. Warriors of the Lost World is an Italian post-apocalyptic sci-fi epic from 1983. The Rider (Robert Ginty) and his motorcycle with the (very annoying) talking computer are chosen by the Enlightened Elders to aid the rebel faction the Outsiders against the evil Omega state and its ruller Prossor (Donald Plesance). He and Natasia (Persis Khambatta) go after her father, the leader of the Outsiders (Harrison Mueller Sr), but Natasia is captured. The Rider has to gain the trust of the other Outsiders and help them get to Prossor, then free Natasia from his brainwashing.

This couldn't be more 80's if it tried. From the annoying sentient computer to the "loner helps rebels" plot that reeks of Mad Max and Han Solo's story from the Star Wars Original Trilogy, to say this movie is very of its time is an understatement. (The robots found the motorcycle just as annoying as I did. They weren't fans of Ginty, either. Neither he nor Khambatta have much in the way of personality, and their lack of chemistry is so palpable, even their kiss in the end is dull. Mainly worth checking out for hardcore fans of 80's action. 

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