Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bad Day Rising

I guess Daylight Savings really got to me. It was 10:30 before I finally got up and past 11 before I was having breakfast. I wanted something quick, so I settled on Cinnamon Brown Sugar Pancakes. Yum! Came out quite nicely, and for once, I didn't burn them. Listened to one of my K-Tel records while I ate.

Did a tiny bit of writing before leaving for work. Leia and Obi-Wan have to put their capes back on and pretend to be servants again when the evil Counselor Tarkin and his men arrive. Tarkin tells the prisoner he's to be sold to the Sultan of Tatoonie as a household slave. Apparently, he owes thousands of credits in debts to him. The prisoner protests this, saying he can't remember his name, much less who he owes money to.

I did get off the computer with enough time to get dressed and to work. Good thing I did. They were crazy when I arrived, and the carts were empty. I just wish people had been more pleasant. I got yelled at by another customer, this time for not moving a cart away from his car fast enough. I was going to double back and get his cart. It would have taken me a second...and he called me lazy! I was doing my job! What is with these people? And I had trouble with employees when I went inside and didn't get my break until almost 4:30. Other than cleaning the bathrooms (which genuinely did need it), I spent as much time as I could outside with carts that wouldn't argue with me. At least the crowds died off by the time I was finished at 6.

Took the long way home down Nicholson Road, partially to cheer myself up, and partially because it was an absolutely gorgeous day. It supposedly was in the mid-40's today, but the sun felt much warmer. The gale-force winds had gentled down to a breeze. The roads were almost totally empty, other than a few cars on Atlantic Avenue in Oaklyn. Even the entrance to Wal Mart/Marshalls wasn't busy. Everyone must have taken a cue from Dad and Jodie yesterday and went out for a ride.

Listened to my original cast CD for Pippin while eating baked crusted salmon and roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner. This 1972 tale of the son of Charlemange who is searching for his purpose in life was one of the biggest hits of director/choreographer Bob Fosse, and the second major hit for composer Steven Schwartz. My favorite number from this is the Irene Ryan sing-a-long "No Time At All"; I also like Pippin's "Corner of the Sky" and "Extraordinary" and "Magic to Do" and "Simple Joys" for the Leading Player (Ben Vereen here) and the ensemble.

Did some more Lego Star Wars after dinner. Got the remaining pieces in "Invasion of Naboo" and "Darth Maul." Still can't find the red brick in the latter, though.

Finished up the night with another silent medieval adventure. John Barrymore plays The Beloved Rogue, medieval Paris poet Francois Villon, in this 1927 tale. The copy currently on YouTube is in far better shape than the one for Knighthood, including all of the movie in its original blue tint. Barrymore has a whale of the time as Villon, who defies the king of France (Conrad Veilt) by insulting him, then remaining in Paris after he was banished. He saves his life by claiming that the king will die 24 hours after him. Even after he falls for the king's ward Charlotte (Marceline Day). But the Duke of Burgundy is determined to wed Charlotte and outwit the most cunning scoundrel in all of Paris.

If you want to see Barrymore in his prime or enjoy other versions of this story like The Vagabond King, this is worth checking out.

The Beloved Rogue

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