Monday, March 26, 2018

Worlds of Yesterday and Tomorrow

Since I finally started reading the historical novel The World of Tomorrow, set around the 1939-1940 World's Fair, I thought I'd do a few bits I have set around the World's Fair. The first season finale of the late-90's sitcom Remember WENN was set during the end of the Fair. Station manager Scott Sherwood and writer Betty Roberts have high hopes for their big radio show that will be coordinated with the fair's finale. The cast isn't thrilled with the less-than-glamorous Wizard of Oz imitation Betty concocted. They think this is their chance at the big-time. Diva Hilary Booth has her own problems. Her husband Jeff left to join original manager Victor Comstock to broadcast from war-torn London. Jeff manages to give more of a lift to their show than he knows when Scott broadcasts his stirring bombs-backed speech as part of their show...but Jeff and Victor may not live to ever find out about it...

"All's Fair at the Fair" is a cute 1938 animated short from the Fleischer Brothers likely released to capitalize on the fair's advance popularity. A couple from the country comes to the city to see the sights of the "World of Tomorrow" for themselves. They encounter cool art deco designs at every turn, along with robots who update their looks and their vehicle and teach them how to dance.

Stuck with the Fleischers for a couple of classic early Superman shorts. The series kicked off with "Superman (The Mad Scientist)." Superman's introduced when he has to rescue Lois from the title character, who intends to destroy Metropolis with a death ray. "The Bulleteers" are more creative in their destruction. They use a bullet-shaped vehicle to demolish buildings, including Metropolis' treasury. Superman has to stop this metal marvel and make sure Lois doesn't end up going down with the criminals. "Terror on the Midway" has Lois and Clark reviewing a circus. Lois thinks it'll be a boring assignment, until a giant ape gets loose! Superman has to stop him from bringing the big top down on Lois.

Work was on-and-off busy, still more than usual but not quite as bad as yesterday. It was so quiet this morning, I actually did manage to get the candy done. Otherwise, I mostly did the trash and carts. At least it was a nice day for it. While the chilly wind remains, the sun was out, and it felt much warmer than it has.

Went straight home to do some writing. Jyn and Leia find Han in the rough tavern. He's dealing with a little fellow in green named Greedo, who says he owes his boss Jabba, the Sultan of Tatoonie, 20,000 ducats. The men shoot too fast to catch who shot whom, only that Greedo's dead. Han reveals that he's been playing cards for the morning and doing quite well at it, enough to pay for his new clothes.

On their way out, they encounter three more bounty hunters, all of whom want to collect the reward on Han. Leia and Jyn help take them down, but there's too many of their goons to handle on their own...

Broke at 6:30 for a quick leftovers dinner. Did a random episode of Sailor Moon from the fourth season while I ate. "We Love Fashion: The Stylish Guardians" has the girls attracted to a certain fashion designer's dreamy new outfits. Trouble is, the designer feels like he's in a slump and needs new inspiration. Fish Eye thinks he can provide it, but he drives most of the designer's crew away. Usagi's request that he make her a wedding dress proves to be far more helpful. Fish Eye, however, isn't about to give up this artist and his dream that easily.

Did more Wii Sports after dinner. This time, I started out with golf. I've never been much of a golfer, but I think I have more of an appreciation for the game now. I didn't do so well on the actual game. Hitting targets and ball driving proved to be more my speed.

Returned to boxing for a cardio workout. Whew, was it ever! I practiced dodging and hitting targets along with the bag work. I wasn't great at dodging, but it was fun, moving all over the place. Did somewhat better with hitting the mitts on the trainer.

Cooled down with a few rounds of bowling and tennis. I did one actual bowling game and practiced my fast throw by knocking down tons of pins a few times. Got my first "bronze medals" on the Target Practice golf game and tennis swing practice.

Finished the night with Midnight Lace. Kit Preston (Doris Day) is an American heiress living in London who just married financier Tony Preston (Rex Harrison). On her way home in a thick fog, she hears a strange, high-pitched voice that threatens to kill her. Kit's unnerved, but her husband thinks it's a practical joke. The voice keeps threatening Kit over the phone, but no one believes her at first, including her Aunt Bea (Myrna Loy) and Inspector Byrnes (John Williams) of Scotland Yard. The threats to Kit's life just keep coming, including being pushed in front of a bus and extortion threats by her maid's son Malcom (Roddy MacDowell). Kit eventually begins questioning her life and her sanity. Tony thinks it's someone from his company, but the real menace is closer to home than Kit could ever imagine...

Ok thriller benefits from a stylish Eastmancolor production and the interesting cast, including a rare later-day glimpse of Loy. Day feels a little out of place - she comes off more whiny than scared, especially towards the middle - but Harrison's much better as the husband who isn't as concerned as he probably should be about the threats to his wife. There's also the sumptuous production and costume design to marvel over. The elaborate wardrobe was nominated for an Oscar.

Fine if you're a fan of Day, Harrison, Loy, or the style-over-substance thrillers of the early 60's. Probably unnecessary for anyone else.

Oh, and I called for a dental appointment this morning. I'll be going early tomorrow. I might as well admit it. I have a sore tooth that's been bothering me for almost a week, along with at least two broken teeth and one broken wisdom tooth. I've been terrified to go to the dentist because of the cost and time involved, not to mention the pain...but it looks like I have to now. This just isn't going away.

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