Thursday, January 24, 2019

Trouble In the Rain

Maybe it's just as well that I slept in this morning. It was pouring cats, dogs, pigs, and chickens when I finally rolled out of bed. I cheered myself up on a gloomy day with an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. Babs and Buster hit the library for the "Weirdest Stories Ever Told." Buster is the famous outlaw "Robin Hare," who has to rescue Maid Babs from Sheriff Monty with the help of his Merry Men...but who's going to rescue the guys when they get in trouble? All the world's a stage for Babs when she desperately tries to get Shakespeare to cast her in one of his shows. Buster wishes he could go anywhere and get away from Elmyra, but has a nightmare about being chased by "Elmyras 'Round the World!"

I did have enough time to call the Colleen Manor Apartments before heading off on an errand run. No luck. Once again, they claim I just don't make enough money. I was so disappointed! I assumed they were low-income housing, but I guess not. I really thought I'd found something there.

I was feeling just as dreary as the continuing rain when I finally rushed out to run a few errands. Mainly hit the Oaklyn Library to return Christopher Robin, but I did work on organizing the adult DVD titles and took a quick look at the kids' books. They were pretty busy today, with one lady helping her son and a few folks on the computer. The librarian gave me an envelope containing papers on finding low-income housing that another librarian was nice enough to print out for me. (I still can't figure out how to get my printer working.)

The rain was finally starting to slow down a bit as I rode across Cuthbert Road to Target. I needed a small notebook for writing story notes. I tried to find one at Dollar Tree last week, but they didn't have anything I liked. Also grabbed brush head replacements for my electric toothbrush and had a quick lunch of hot chocolate and a spinach-feta-egg wrap at Starbucks.

It was almost as busy at the Haddon Township Library when I arrived. They had plenty of help and very little left for me to do. I organized the children's DVDs and shelved the few adult titles and TV sets. I did take out a few movies here, including the 1997 Mark of Zorro with Antonio Bandares, another goofy Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson action movie from last year, Skyscraper, and two landmark movies from the 70's, the Woody Allen romantic comedy Manhattan and the Bob Fosse musical Cabaret. Also grabbed another collection of episodes from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, this one a blending of two older sets.

Went straight into writing when I got home. Han and the others are blocked on their way across the bridge by another group, including a huge man who calls himself Zeb. Zeb insists on them paying a toll to get across. Han says he'll fight him for it. Zeb does manage to get the best of Han in their staff duel and tosses him into the river, but Han gets him to lay off when he brings Zeb down with him.

Broke for dinner at 7. After I had my leftovers, I thought I'd try something. The Acme sold boxes of their own generic pumpkin bread mix this holiday season. I bought one to originally make the actual bread...but then thought it would make even better donuts. Yum! They did come out very well, sweet but not too much. I remember all the ingredients this time. One did fall apart, but most of the other stayed together.

Ran episodes of Daniel Tiger while eating and baking. Ironically, considering I had to wait for the donuts to cool before I could dip them in spiced glaze, two of the episodes dealt with what to do while you wait. "Daniel Waits for Show-and-Tell" because he wants to show all the kids the book he made with his dad. Teacher Harriet distracts him by having the kids wait for their duck egg to hatch. As someone who eats out a lot - and remembers eating out at fancy restaurants as a kid - I could really relate to "A Night Out at the Restaurant." Daniel and Katerina and their parents think of ways to pass the time while waiting for their food.

Prince Tuesday, Wednesday's big brother, is "Daniel's Babysitter" when the Tigers go out dancing. Dan's nervous about them coming back, but Tuesday cheers him up by playing in his living room "jungle" and helping him find his favorite stuffed tiger. "Daniel Goes to School" has him equally nervous when his dad leaves him in the classroom for the day. He's finally distracted when Katerina asks him, Prince Wednesday, and O to help her find her special locket.

"Prince Wednesday Finds a Way to Play" when he wants to be a dinosaur, and Katerina and Daniel want to play house. Miss Elania is excited when Daniel and O come over to her house for a Backwards afternoon. Dan's having fun, but O would rather do things forwards. They still mange to "Find a Way to Play on Backwards Day" when O provides the music for their backwards dance show.

Teacher Harriet wants the kids to do "The Dragon Dance" and lets them make their very own Chinese-style paper dragon. Daniel has a hard time with the head, until the other kids help him out. They realize they have to work together to make the dragon move. They realize that it'll take teamwork to make their crepe paper rainbow come out just right for "Teacher Harriet's Birthday" and to make a rainbow layer clay cake.

I was originally going to do Cabaret tonight, but I was still a little depressed about the apartments turning me down. Opted to review the 1933 movie 42nd Street instead at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog after a shower.

42nd Street

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