Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The Guardians and the Spaceballs

Started off a cloudy morning with breakfast and Sailor Moon S. "Who Is the New Messiah? Chaos of Light and Darkness" introduces a new villain - Mimtete, the next member of the Witches 5, a spoiled and vain creature who only cares about hogging the spotlight and throws a fit when every guy she drools over doesn't share her feelings. Case in point is the movie star she sends her monster after while he's filming a western. The Sailor Guardians are also there to watch the shooting, along with Chibi-Usa. She makes a new friend - Hotaru, a frail, shy girl with a big heart. But Hotaru is not what she seems...

This time, my early work day went just fine. I alternated between gathering carts and shelving items for most of my four hour shift, only stopping to bag when a manager had a long line and to empty one overflowing recycling container. It was breezy and chilly, a bit colder than yesterday...but given we're now in January, things could have been a lot worse.

Took a ride into Audubon to check out the house with the studio apartment I'm currently considering. I didn't realize there were two Atlantic Avenues on either side of the train tracks. I rode down the wrong one and couldn't find the house. I'll try again tomorrow or this weekend.

There was a pink post office slip waiting for me at the mailbox. It was from the McHughs. I had to ride all the way over to the Oaklyn Post Office to sign for the envelope...which contained the same rental notice about her raising the rent to $765 and my paying the heat. I don't know why she couldn't have brought it up to my place, like she did the last one. If she thinks I'm going to sign it in hurry like last year, she has another thing coming.

Spent the next few hours taking down the Christmas decorations. I had cleared out enough that I was able to get everything in the plastic bin with no trouble this time. (Other than I forgot to take down two of the cardboard hangings and had to open up the bin again.) That took less than an hour, giving me the chance to put the bears and their things away, too. I was too tired to do the tree. I'll start with that tomorrow.

Ran Sailor Moon S episodes as I worked. Mimtete is the worst type of fangirl. She obsesses over any guy who looks cute, then goes into rages when they don't return her affections. This is most obvious in "I Love Idols: Mimtete's Dilemma." Mimtete and Minako join a beauty pageant to win a coveted acting role alongside their singing hunk du jour. Mimtete is seriously considering leaving the Witches 5 after she and Mina make the final five. When neither of them win, Mimtete flies into a rage and unleashes her latest demon.

"Shadow of Silence: The Pale Glimmer of a Firefly" starts with Hotoru ending up in the hospital for exhaustion, to the horror of her best friend Chibi-Usa. They're heading home when they encounter Mimtete attacking a soap opera star whom she accuses of leaving her (she got way too into the show). When the demon goes after Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon, it's Hotoru who ends up taking her down...showing off some awesome powers that worry Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Though Setsuna and the other two warn Chibi-Usa away from Hotoru, she can't help but want to spend time with her kind but frail friend anyway. "Sunny Skies After a Storm: A Friendship Dedicated to Hotoru" allows the girl to show her awesome powers again when Usagi, Chibi-Usa, and Mamoru are attacked during a trip to a rose-breeding hothouse.

Hotoru gets the fangirl bug in "Higher and Higher: A Cheer From Usagi." Unlike Mimtete, she doesn't have the courage to send her letter to an athlete who was once sickly like her, but is now breaking records all over Japan. Usagi and Chibi-Usa take her over to the stadium where he trains so she can give him the letter in person...but Mimtete gets there first.

Things get seriously weird in "The Battle Inside the Demonic Space: The Sailor Guardians' Gamble." Mimtete's accident in her boss' laboratory traps Chibi-Usa and Hotoru in multiple dimensions in his home. The Guardians jump in to rescue them, only to have the little girls save them from a card game-based demon with a flair for cheating.

Broke to do a little bit of writing after I got everything put away. Leia and Han explain their mission to Princess Herfa and Prince Delent. They tell them that the Snow Queen may be keeping Luke as a companion, much like Zoma kept Leia. They let them sleep at their castle overnight, then outfits them with warm winter clothes and lots of food and an elaborate repulsor-sleigh for the journey. Herfa warns them that the woods are full of thieves, but Han insists that he can handle them.

Did two more Sailor Moon episodes while making scrambled eggs with vegetables and turkey bacon for dinner. The girls make a visit to a planetarium, mainly to watch the handsome narrator, in "The Messiah of Silence Awakens? Stars of Destiny." Mimtete attacks again, but this time, it reveals Hotoru's true power, and the reason that the older Sailor Guardians didn't want it to be awakened.

Mimtete's run ends with "An Invasion From Another Dimension: Mystery of Infinity Academy." Hotoru has disappeared, and so has everyone and everything in her home. After learning that Hotoru's father Professor Tomoe is a teacher at the Mugen School, the girls head there to check it out, and to hear a handsome Russian speaker discuss theories of alternate dimensions. Mimtete becomes larger than life to stop them. One of her co-workers isn't so crazy about her stealing her job and literally pulls the plug on her.

Finished the night after a shower with Spaceballs. (I wasn't up for the Sequels or the anthology films tonight; maybe later this week or next week.) Lone Star (Bill Pullman) and his half-man, half-dog buddy Barf (John Candy) are hired to rescue Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) from the evil Spaceballs. These goofy-yet-menacing evil-doers are lead by Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis), his right-hand-idiot, Colonel Sanders (George Wyner) and their incompetent boss, President Skroob (Mel Brooks). They somehow manage to grab the princess and her droid Dot Matrix (voice of Joan Rivers) while they're staying with wise sage Yogurt (Brooks). Lone Star has to learn how to trust in his own abilities to use the Schwartz in order to save the princess and learn the truth behind his own identity.

A long-time family favorite, and one of Mel Brooks' best spoofs. Star Wars fans will probably have the most fun with it, but those who are into sci-fi in general will recognize references to everything from Alien to the original Planet of the Apes.

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