Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chocolate Chip Kind Of Morning

I woke up this morning, and for the first time in over a week, I was...chilly. Of course, I had the fan turned on my bed, but the air conditioner wasn't on. I discovered a perfect day, warm but not killer humid like over the weekend, sunny and blue-skyed.

I got up late and decided the house was cool enough to bake. I hadn't baked in a while. I made a Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake from a low-fat cookbook Mom gave me two years ago. It came out beautifully, nice and golden brown. I didn't really have the time to do much more than this week's first set of pilates and make the coffee cake, as I got up very late.

I have the next three days off. No, it's not a vacation. It was dead today at the Acme, and I imagine it'll be dead for the rest of the week and probably next week, too, until the high school kids get out and everyone starts holding graduation parties. My hours will pick up slightly in mid-June and drop like a stone again after the Fourth of July.

This year, it may be just as well. I'll be on vacation this year from July 16th to July 22nd. I just got the bus tickets today. Once again, I'll be visiting my best friend Lauren in New England. I was originally going to go at the end of July, but now I'm kinda glad Lauren had to change her vacation time when she got a promotion. It'll probably be a lot less busy two weeks after the Fourth of July. I'm hoping to run into less traffic in New York this way, too. The bus from Albany to New York going home last year ran into both bad weather and major traffic, and I almost went crazy. (I don't know how Matt from X-Entertainment, who lives on Staten Island and works in Manhattan, does it!)

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