Thursday, May 24, 2007

So Much To Do In the Sunshine

I went back into Philadelphia today. No luck. Both bookstores claim their sales have gone down and they can't afford to hire more help. I did take a very nice walk in Rittenhouse Square later in the afternoon after leaving Barnes and Noble, though. It was very pleasant. The park was so busy, I thought there was some kind of an event going on; no, it was just city people finding a way to enjoy the gorgeous day without leaving the city. There were kids and their parents playing in fountains not yet filled with water, teenagers and college students sunning themselves on the grass (and ignoring "keep off the grass" signs), and adults of all ages walking on the paths or resting on a bench or riding bikes or running.

I didn't feel too horrible, even after the rejection. I'll go back, but I'm really wondering if I truly want a bookstore job. Trouble is, I don't know what kind of job I want. I haven't worked at an office job since I worked for Richard Stockton College's media center during school from September 1999 to December 2001. I'd love to have a job with normal, nine-to-five hours, but I'm terrified of trying to put in applications and do interviews with some huge, faceless corporation.

I'd really like to do something creative with my talents, too...but I'm not sure what yet.

And I'd still like to volunteer for something involving kids and reading...if someone needed me.

I'm doing much better with losing weight. I lost five pounds last week. It was probably too much all at once, but it does mean I've now lost ten pounds! I do feel much better. Rose and I went to Dick's in Cherry Hill yesterday, her for weights, me for a yoga mat; I ended up buying a very simple DVD, too. We also visted Wegman's, a massive high-end grocery stores with some very cheap prices that specializes in organic, good-for-you, and specialty food, in addition to the usual things in grocery stores.

I did the yoga today and yesterday. Other than I can't quite do the basic sitting pose yet, thanks to my still-stiff left knee, and my arms are sore (I don't work them quite as much as my legs), I enjoyed it, despite all the wisecracks I made while doing it yesterday. I've wondered if that's why I didn't freak out as much when the bookstores turned me down today...or maybe it was the gorgeous day. It was too nice today for temper tantrums.

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