Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Lady Is A Dope

A rather annoying day. It started out all right. I had a nice, quiet morning. I slept in and mostly just listened to music, including WOGL's Beatles show. I love listening to music. I stopped watching music videos towards the end of the 80s partially because I would rather create images in my head than see them onscreen.

Work, however, was a pain in the rear end. It's the beginning of the month, and I had the usual barrage of obnoxious customers. The woman who kept muttering noisily to herself was a particular pain.

I also somehow lost ten dollars. I think I put it in the till. I found ten dollars on the floor this evening. I put it in my register, assuming it was something I'd dropped from someone's orders. I never thought to check my pockets until I only had enough to buy three grapefruits and rather embarrassingly had to put back the rest of an order I needed.

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