Sunday, February 12, 2012

Independent Women

Started a late morning off with Brunch With the Beatles. In honor of Valentine's Day, "Love Songs" was the episode's theme. Group ballads included "I Will," "If I Fell," "Something," "She Loves You," "Michelle," and "Can't Buy Me Love." Romantic solo tunes included "Photograph," "Woman," "Just Like Starting Over," and of course "Silly Love Songs."

I made Chocolate Chip-Pear Pancakes and Pear-Apple Compote for breakfast, then called Mom. Mom's in quite a good mood. She's been working on her typing skills. She was in school in the 60s and 70s, well before it was mandatory to take typing classes. She's up to 20 words a minute now after teaching herself on various computer programs. I'm so proud of her! She says she she learns enough, she hopes to take online business courses.

That's something we have in common. I've come to realize that I don't know if I really could work for someone else, or at least, not for another big corporation. I don't like being lost in a large company. I'm not Gregory Peck. I like making my own rules and setting my own hours. At least, when I change my rules and hours, I know I'm doing it. I don't belong at the Acme, and I never have. It was supposed to be a means to and end, a way to make money while I was in college, not the end itself. I'm too independent to really fit into a corporate setting.

After I got off the phone, I did the breakfast dishes, then puttered around in my room. I worked on the inventories, including adding my newest DVDs. I did more clearing out. I'm not really into Pokemon anymore. That ship sailed a decade ago. It's time to pass the Pokemon toys I was given in college and later onto kids who still enjoy the show. The bag went in the Back Room to be delivered to the church at the next thrift shop day. I moved the two Lady Lovely Locks dolls (I have a third coming that I got off eBay) and some of the smaller stuffed animals onto the shelf where the Pokemon were.

As for snow, I think we got about an inch...but despite it being in the middle 30s and very windy, once again, the snow refused to stick to the sidewalks and streets. I was easily able to get to and from work. Work was crazy-busy again up until about 5:30, after which it quieted down to the point where I was able to shut down with no relief.

The snow is almost entirely gone now. There was only a little left in shady spots when I rode home, despite the chilly night that dropped into the lower 30s. By the middle of the week, there probably won't be any trace of it left.

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