Monday, February 13, 2012

To All the Dolls I've Loved Before

I got up early this morning so I could work on reorganizing the top of the stand-alone closets before work. The collectible bears, porcelain dolls, small dolls, and some of the Effanbee 70s and 80s hard-plastic dolls sit here. I removed two more bears and another pile of small knick-knacks for donations. I then took advantage of the bare space and did some dusting. (I only dust under the dolls every couple of months. It just takes a while.) I placed the remaining dolls back on the closets, adding three more Effanbee dolls (the Musketeer doll D'Artagnan, Russian International doll Sonya, and Snow White) to the group already there (Mother "Greta" Goose, Puerto Rican International doll Carlotta, Thailand International doll Tup Tim, and Mary Had a Little Lamb).

Speaking of the Effanbee dolls, I don't know when I'm going to get to it, but I think it's time they got a good cleaning. They're all dusty. Elphaba (Wicked Witch of the West), Queenie (Queen of Hearts), and Tup Tim wear badly faded clothes. Glinda's gigantic ruffled gown is raveling like crazy. Dorothy's ribbons need to be retied. Mary and the Scarecrow keep losing their hats. The elastic is gone on Greta's petticoat, and I probably need to tie it to her torso. I might see if I can do it next month, after the mid-winter holiday furor dies down.

I had just enough time to pack my backpack for a trip to the gym later, throw together lunch and a snack, and head off to work. No problems getting to work today; it was still windy, but sunny, clear, and a bit less cold than yesterday, probably in the upper 30s. Work went very quickly. We were off-and-on all day, and other than two call-outs that resulted in a lack of help, there were  no major problems. My relief was right on time.

I wanted to stop by America's Best before I hit the gym to order my next round of contacts. They're just a few doors down from Lucile Roberts. Alas, it would seem my prescription has expired. I had to schedule an appointment for tomorrow. Oh well. I'll just move my second gym day to tomorrow evening instead of Friday morning. (Though I'd still like to do the grocery shopping Friday - I like doing it in the morning much better than trying to get it done after work.)

Headed for the gym next. I made my way through the row of people waiting for their class to begin as the current step class ended and over to the bathrooms to change. After I was in the appropriate attire, I went into the main room to stretch and begin my workout. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical machine today and ten minutes of strength work on my arms. (I wanted to do more with my arms, but the hand weights were being used by both the class and a personal trainer.)

After I got out of the gym, I headed across the street to TuSeBella for two slices of pizza with vegetables and a bottle of water, then headed home. There were clouds on the horizon, and it's still windy, but otherwise, it's a lovely night.

There was a package in the mail when I got in. The newly-released Warner Archives copy of I Married an Angel had arrived. Awesome! It'll be great for Valentine's Day tomorrow.

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