Friday, July 03, 2015

Hot Time In the Parking Lot

Began a sunny morning with Looney Tunes fairy tale spoofs. "Foney Fables" is a spoof revue of several famous stories, including a running gag with the Boy Who Cried Wolf. "Goldimouse and the Three Cats" has Sylvester chasing a blond mouse who shows up and eats their porridge. "Little Red Rodent Hood" and "Little Red Walking Hood" are more-or-less the same story, with a mouse taking the little girl in the hood role in the former. "Senorella and the Glass Hurache" takes the story of Cinderella to Mexico, where Cindy is attending a fiesta, and her prince is a bullfighter.

Work was on-and-off busy for most of the day. Though a sunny, breezy day meant that a lot of people were probably doing outdoor errands, we had quite a few obnoxious people who wouldn't bag or bought about eight times more than they could pay for. By the time I was returning carts, it was far hotter and more humid....and a lot busier. I spent over an hour doing carts, mostly on my own. I was hot as heck and beyond sore when I was done.

My schedule went a long way to making me feel better. I have a far more typical schedule for this time of year than I did this week. I work at 11 or 12 almost every day this week except next Saturday, when I'm starting at 2. Monday and Tuesday are off, Tuesday for counseling. Good. That'll give me plenty of time to get a lot of things I put off this week done, including cleaning and working on my next WENN fanfic, Scott White and the Seven Actors.

The crowds were thinning as I did my own grocery shopping. Some good seafood sales allowed me to buy a pack of salmon fillets for $3.99 with a manager's coupon and a container of steamed shrimp for $3.20. Found ground turkey for $2.99, the cheapest I've ever seen it. Jiff Peanut Butter was $1.50 - I don't badly need it, but that was too good of a sale to ignore. Restocked canned crushed pineapple, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, milk, and cereal (nothing on sale, so I went with Acme's generic Multi-Grain Cheerios). Since I won't be getting to the farm market tomorrow, I bought peaches, cherries, and strawberries today - the strawberries were $1.50 each. Picked up generic whipped topping, Jello's cookies and cream pudding, and a graham cracker crust to make a pudding pie for me and heavy cream to make icing for Dad and Jodie's party tomorrow.

When I got in, I put everything away, then made myself the Cookies n' Cream Pudding Pie. I pulled out that Spring Velvets Cake Mix I picked up a while back. It became Pink and Yellow Marble cake, with the yellow batter swirled into the pink batter. I'll make the icing before work tomorrow.

Ran 1776 as I worked, and later as I had fish cakes and steamed snap peas for dinner. The story of the signing of the Declaration of Independence comes alive in this rousing musical tale. John Adams and Benjamin Franklin are determined to get the rest of the Continental Congress to side with them and vote for America's independence from England. There's a lot they have to do to make this happen - Congress is constantly sniping at one another, and half of them would prefer to stay with England. Thomas Jefferson is convinced to write a declaration of their intentions...but only when they bring his wife to inspire them. Even then, there's no certainty that they'll get a unanimous agreement...

One of my favorites of the big Broadway adaptations of the 60's and early 70's makes history fun and stirring in a way history textbooks and Wikipedia never could. Rousing and enjoyable for fans of American history or big epic musicals.

I could only find one Fourth of July special on YouTube, but it's pretty cute. We learn how a cat, a cricket, and a mouse supposedly helped shape American history in Yankee Doodle Cricket.

Yankee Doodle Cricket

Linda Young and I wrote two Remember WENN fanfics set around the Fourth of July. Linda Young's is set during the third season, shortly after "Mr. and Mrs. Singer." Hilary's reluctant to join the others on a "Picnic" after Pavla's revelations, but even she can't resist the spirit of the day...


Mine is set in the universe of my post-fourth-season series, On the Edge of the Precipice. Scott and Betty's daughter Agatha relates a typical Fourth of July for her family in 1957.

Agatha's Fourth of July

For those of you who won't be able to get online tomorrow, I hope you all enjoy your holiday!

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