Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weathering the Showers

Once again, it was pouring when I got up this morning. The rain continued as I had breakfast and watched Sailor Moon episodes. Mimtete of the Witches Five and Rini's friend Hotoru are introduced in the first episode. The Guardians hit a local park to watch one of their favorite movie stars film a western. Mimtete's there, too, but when his fans treat her badly and she sees  him with another woman, she decides it's time for him to give up his pure heart to her monster! Rini has to decide whether to help the Guardians or stay with her friends.

Serena and the Guardians think Rini's new friend is male at first. Serena gets quite an eye-opener when she discovers it's the very female Hotaru. As sweet as she is, Hotaru's a bit suspicious. She lives with a former member of the Witches 5 and can heal with a touch. The girls have other problems as well - Mimtete's victim this time is their favorite local author. She gets to him before they can get his autograph!

It was still raining when I went to work, but not quite as hard as it had been earlier. It slowed down even as I arrived. I was only a little wet when I got to the store. It rained on and off all day, and the weather and probably vacations kept our customers at bay. It was dead as a doornail almost the entire day. I stood around and worked on ideas for the Hilary Beauty and the Beast story. Though it did pick up around 3, it was still slow enough that I was able to shut down with no relief and no need for one.

I spent most of the rest of the afternoon working on my Scott Snow White story. Scott's lost and disoriented in the desert. He passes out, but is found by a friendly local Indian tribe. The tribe had been friends with Scott's family in earlier years. The chief tells him how his father had been a con-man and a wastrel before he settled down with his mother and started his ranch. Scott explains his feelings for Betty and how he wants to settle his mother's murder. The chief suggests getting a job with some other folks who are friendly with them, a nice troupe of actors who live nearby...

Did two episodes of Good Eats as I had leftover salmon and Italian zucchini in balsamic sauce for dinner. "The Pouch Principle" shows how cooking food in a pouch is not only fast and versatile, but can do wonders for its flavor. "The Big Chili" spoofs westerns as two saddle tramps (Alton is one) learn all about how to make the perfect pot of "big red."

The rain was gone by the time of the chili episode. In fact, it had become cloudy, windy, and cool, almost cold. It was the perfect night for a quick baking session. I had some peaches that were getting soft or going bad. I cut the bad parts off, then used the rest to make Quick Peach Crisp. Oh, yummy. It came out divine, sweet and succulent. If there's one thing I do love about summer, it's the produce. There's nothing like Garden State produce in the summer.

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