Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Tales of A Cat, a Dog, and a Barnyard Crew

Started the day with a couple of Garfield and Friends episodes. This show loved to parody fairy and folk tales, especially in its later seasons. The two-part U.S Acres story "Snow White and the 77 Dwarfs" somehow casts Wade as Snow White, Lanolin as the Queen, Roy as the Prince, and Orson and the chicks as the hunts-animals. Roy, however, refuses to kiss Snow Wade. Garfield becomes "The Pie-Eyed Piper" when a lazy king makes Jon try to rid Hamlin of its rats problem. When the king won't pay Jon or Garfield, Garfield takes matters into his own paws. "Jon the Barbarian" falls in love with a nasty barbarian's lady. Garfield just wants his lunch. After Jon can't become a barbarian, Garfield figures out a way to trick the gluttonous warrior.

My original plan for today was to volunteer at Studio LuLoo. They weren't open when I arrived around 11:30. I wonder if it had anything to do with the sewer department working on the water pipes on my end of Manor? Phillies Phatties looked like they were open. It was too nice of a day to go home right away, though. While it was warmer and a little more humid than yesterday, it still wasn't out of line for the first day of July. I went for a ride around the neighborhood, then picked up contact lens solution at CVS.

I had just enough time for a really quick lunch when I got in, along with one more Garfield and Friends U.S Acres episode. "Once Upon a Time Warp" gives us a weird lesson in world history when Orson reads about great moments in history to Wade to inspire him to ask Roy for the five dollars he owes him. Roy doesn't want to give up the cash and sabotages Orson's efforts.

(Thankfully, the water seemed to be back on at this point as well. Everyone in the neighborhood got a paper yesterday that it would be off for four hours while they worked on the pipes.)

I was surprised that work was only on-and-off steady. Between huge sales and this being the first day of the month, I thought it would be a lot busier. I guess people are waiting for the holiday weekend. A lot of folks may have taken advantage of the nice weather and left for the Shore early, too. At any rate, other than some grouchy customers (and grouchy managers), there were no major problems, and I was able to get out quickly again without a relief.

When I got home, I did a quick Looney Tunes short that had fun with fairy tales while having leftovers for dinner. Bugs rescues Hansel and Gretel from being eaten by Witch Hazel in "Broomstick Bunny." Undaunted, Hazel decides that rabbit stew would taste even better! At least until the prince tries to kiss Bugs awake...

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