Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wild Stooge West

It was a little warmer and a bit more humid when I headed out on foot for this week's volunteering session at the Oaklyn Library. I mainly organized DVDs. They did have a couple of people coming in to take things out while I was there, including a family with a couple of little boys, but otherwise, it wasn't that busy.

I headed out around 12:30 for lunch. Decided to keep things simple and picked up a hoagie at a very busy WaWa. I noticed one of their Icee flavors was cherry limeade. I love cherry limeade anything. Despite it being lime green, it was really more cherry than lime. Pretty tasty, though. I settled on a roast beef classic hoagie, which I ate at home when I finally got in.

Watched The Outlaws Is Coming! as I ate. This western spoof was the Three Stooges' last starring feature film. This time, the Stooges join a dedicated nature reporter (Adam West...yes, the Batman one) who is trying to find out why the buffalo are vanishing so quickly from the prairies. They discover a foul plot by an outlaw gang to eliminate the buffalo and stir up the Indians, so the Calvary will be too distracted to stop their thefts. While West deals with wild Annie Oakley, the Stooges reform a motley group of outlaws who are among the most famous in....well, in kids' TV.

Though the Stooges get some nifty gags, including the whole deal with Curly Joe's animal-calling horn, this one is mainly of interest for baby boomers who'll remember the local TV hosts who appear as the famous bandits. (Including long-time Philadelphia host Sally Starr as Belle Starr.)

I decided to try something while the movie was on. The remaining peaches I bought from the Acme last week were starting to get soft. I tossed in some blueberries, sprinkled them with sugar, added a brown sugar-whole wheat flour-butter-oatmeal topping, and made Peach-Blueberry Crisp. Not bad. Tart and earthy and just sweet enough.

Work was on-and-off busy. Other than some grouchy beginning-of-the-month customers (and a few grouchy managers), there were no really big problems. I got lucky. It rained off and on, but the clouds hadn't arrived by 3, and it wasn't doing anything when I went home at 9.

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