Sunday, June 28, 2015

Red, White, and Blue Dolls

I slept until nearly 10; I didn't get going until 11. I made some delicious Zucchini Pancakes while listening to Yankee Doodle Mickey. This Disneyland kids' record, probably from the early 80's, is a collection of patriotic-themed songs featuring the regular Disney characters, the Disneyland Chorus, and a very young Molly Ringwauld. "The Liberty Tree," the only original song, is fun; I also like Mickey, Donald, and Goofy's medley saluting the Armed Services.

Spent the rest of the early afternoon dressing the American Girls in red, white, and blue or patriotic summer outfits appropriate for next month. Molly now wears her Camp Gowanigan uniform and blue and white saddle shoes. Samantha's in her Sailor Middy Outfit and Tam (which she's worn every summer since I got her in 1993). Josefina looks very pretty in her Indigo Skirt and Camisa with her rebozo and meet accessories. Jessa's in the hand-made "antiqued"-look red, white, and blue print peasant blouse Lauren sent for Christmas and Springfield Collection capris and sneakers with no socks. Whitney looks adorable in the now-retired AG Revue Tap Dance costume from the stores with the red and blue sequined trim and glittery red tap shoes. I left Felicity in her outfit from last month - the blue and white floral print suits the holiday, and I really don't have much for her.

I listened to my 50's CD collection that I bought from Abbie Road last year. Most people think of the music of the 1950's as being either early rock or doo-wop. The truth of the matter is...most of it was just as likely to be tearful ballads, remakes of songs from as far back as the 20's, or exotic tunes based around ports of call like Hawaii. Some of those ballads could be really lovely - my favorites were the Platters' classic version of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," Rosemary Clooney's "Half as Much," "Fascination" by Jane Morgan and the Troubadours, and Pearl Bailey's zesty "Takes Two to Tango."

It took me so long to get the dolls dressed, I was almost late for work! Work was surprisingly steady for a Sunday. It's usually a lot busier than that. I'm guessing everyone's waiting for the holiday and the beginning of the month next week. They may also have fled for the Shore once the rain vanished. I did have some problems with break. I thought the manager said I could go on break, but she wanted someone else to. The other guy didn't have any problem with it, but I felt bad after I found out the manager wanted him to go first. And why do they have to kick up a fuss because people leave a minute or two early when it's dead as a doornail? That's just silly. Why hang around and do nothing when there's nothing to do?

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