Tuesday, June 09, 2015

So Happy Together

Got a fast, early start this morning with an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures that involved vacations and travel. The Toons go "Around Europe In 30 Minutes" when Plucky wins a trip in a contest. Their tour is a big bust at first, at least until they make it to England and discover a plot to kidnap the royals! Buster and Babs try to thwart the kidnappers, while Hampton and Plucky avoid a chef who wants them for that night's dinner.

Moved to Strawberry Shortcake In Big Apple City while finishing breakfast. Strawberry doesn't have much more luck with her trip. She's on her way to the title city to take part in big bake off that's going to be on TV. The Peculiar Purple Pieman is also in the contest. He'll do anything to win the Gazebo that's the big prize. Strawberry meets friends in the city who help her along the way, including artist Orange Blossom and model Lemon Meringue.

I headed out to the laundromat around 9:30. I had a really big load to do, including sheets, and I just couldn't put it off until later in the week. I timed it right. There were only a few people when I came in (including a few managers cleaning washers), and no one when I left. I listened to talk shows and Let's Make a Deal and read one of the Samantha American Girl mysteries, The Stolen Sapphire.

When I got in, I ran another Tiny Toons episode as I put away my laundry and got organized. "No Toon Is an Island" when they discover a map that leads to buried treasure. They learn a lesson in jealousy when the treasure sets them all quarreling, and then it disappears...

I headed out for my long errand run around 11 AM, starting with a stop at the Oaklyn Library. Though there were plenty of people on the computers when I got in, there really wasn't much to do. I organized some books in the kids' area, then moved on. Made a quick stop at WaWa for water and a pretzel.

Headed to Haddonfield next for lunch. It rained hard last night, but the clouds had begun breaking up as early as my trip to the laundromat. It was already getting hot and humid, even as I arrived on King's Highway. I had a quick lunch at Amino Burritos and Juice. They were pretty busy - it was quarter after 12 when I got in - but the line went fast, and I did get a table pretty quickly. My Chicken & Guacamole Petito (small) Burrito was tasty, but very mess. The Glow Juice - carrot, orange, and cantaloupe - was tasty, sweet, and such a bright shade of neon orange, it was aptly named.

I had counseling next. I told her about how happy I was to finish my story, be on vacation, and that my best friend was going to visit later...and how frustrated I am with work. We pretended I was greeting my co-workers. I do say "hello" to them. I just don't fit in with them. It's not that I dislike them. It's just that I have nothing in common with them. Most of them don't understand how badly I want to change things, and how much I don't fit in. I want to work somewhere small and quiet, not filled with customers. I want to handle a few people a day, not five hundred. I'm just so scared about dealing with people, especially ones I don't know.

After I got out of Mrs. Stahl's office, I headed down to Westmont for some much-needed Primo's Water Ice. There was a line when I got there, but the chocolate-peanut butter water ice was worth the wait. There was plenty of peanut butter and a hint of cherry. I watched cars go by and enjoyed my treat.

The Haddon Township Library was next on the to-do list. They were even quieter than the Oaklyn Library. I shelved kids' DVDs, audio books, and a few new novels, but they had people around to do the adult DVDs. I was in and out of there in a half-hour. Made a quick run to Dollar Tree for some things for Lauren and a new shower curtain.

This time, I finally did make it back to my apartment. I put on One Crazy Summer while sweeping the porch, putting up the shower curtain, and doing chores in the living area and bedroom. Hoops McCann (John Cusack) joins his best buddy in Nantucket for a summer of sun, fun, and learning about love. He learns a lot more than he ever bargained for when he falls for a singer (Demi Moore) who has a week to earn 3,000 dollars to pay for her father's home. A nasty seafood restaurant chain owner wants to buy it and tear it down to build his new residential homes. Their attempts to help her lead them to the Nantucket Regatta, where they discover the importance of teamwork while going up against the owner's spoiled son. Strange but fun if you love the "slobs vs snobs" comedies of the 1980's and early 90's.

Switched to Recess: School's Out as I made a quick dinner of scrambled eggs with spring vegetables and farm-fresh cheddar cheese. The kids of the Third Street School are on vacation and hitting summer camp, except for T.J Detwiller. T.J's convinced it's going to be a boring 12 weeks, but then he sees a laser being fired at the school, and the school's principal Mr. Prickley vanishes. He brings his friends back to help...and they discover a conspiracy to end summer vacation forever! If you love the animated show Recess, you'll get a kick out of this cute ode to time off.

I called Lauren around 6:50. Lauren was at the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia by that point. She'd had no problems on any of the trains or the stations. Jodie and Dad picked me up at quarter after 7. There was no traffic anywhere. Lauren arrived right on time.

When we got home, I showed Lauren the Ever After High dolls and my new stuffed animals (including Hee Haw the Donkey and Pluto the Tsum Tsum). We exchanged gifts. She gave me a pile of AG books and copies of movies she'd made. I gave her the items I bought her at Dollar Tree.

Lauren had been sitting on trains all day. We decided to go for a short walk down to Phillies Phatties after we'd gotten organized and stretch our legs. I forgot tonight is Studio LuLoo's kids' open mic night. West Clinton was awash in pre-teens and young teenagers. It looked like a block party. Lauren got a large lemon water ice, I got a small cinnamon roll ice cream, and we both ate them at my quiet apartment instead of listening to the kids.

Tomorrow, we're just going to go for a walk in Oaklyn and Audubon and sleep in. The weather is supposed to be the nicest it'll be all week, perfect for a walk. Meanwhile, I'm showing lots of Remember WENN to Lauren, currently "Popping the Question" from the late first season.

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