Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Good Mall Vibrations

It was still hot and humid when we started out around quarter after 11 this morning. The sun was in and out of heavy clouds, but a nice breeze helped. We had an early lunch at Jalapeno's Grill. They were busy for 11:30, with a large group eating salads and burritos in the center of the room and the usual old lady at the table in the very back near the counter. Lauren and I both had tasty chicken, avocado, and bacon wraps with Spanish rice and those yummy cups of black bean soup. (Lauren also had an iced tea. I was fine with water.)

Alas, we arrived in Audubon too late to pick up the 12:37 to Moorestown. We explored the big CVS on King's Highway for a while. Lauren grabbed an iced tea; I got CVS' tasty generic pineapple-coconut sparkling water and our annual pack of Tastycakes for later.

We did finally catch the 1:37. It was slightly late, but other than a small shower on the way, that was the worst that happened. There was no traffic, and only one other person went all the way to the Mall.

Went right to Boscov's after we got off. We mainly explored the women's clothing this time. I didn't see anything I wanted, but Lauren bought three pairs of shorts in a style she liked. Lauren didn't get anything from FYE, but I once again took advantage of the buy two used, get one for a dollar sale to grab The Lego Movie for $9.99, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for $4.99, and the Backyardigans set Mission to Mars for the dollar. We browsed in a toy store and the video game store Play Trade (the latter was the same as Jay Street Video Games at the Cherry Hill Mall - mostly used titles going all the way back to Atari).

It was around 4:30 when we settled down at one of the fountains for a short rest. We finally shared our annual packs of Tastycakes. I went with nice, simple Krimpets this year, enjoying our treat while watching people and families stroll by.

After a bathroom break at the movie theater, we cut through what remained of the food court (they seem to be in the midst of a major remodeling project) and made our way outside. I desperately need new work sneakers. Mine are falling apart. There's a Dick's across from Barnes & Noble at the East Gate Shopping Center. Since I was there, I figured I'd get my sneakers now. I knew exactly what I wanted - the same New Balance sneakers I bought last time. A young man directed us to them. I tried them on, and I bought them for $49.99, all in less than 20 minutes.

Browsed briefly in Barnes & Noble next. I didn't have nearly as much luck there as I did back in February. I just ended up buying a new journal; my current one only has a few pages left. Lauren didn't get anything.

Went straight to the bus stop...but we made a mistake when the driver of the bus to the Mall forgot to change their sign to Camden. We ended up missing the bus. We had lunch in one of the three remaining restaurants in the food court. I could eat Saladworks anytime, and Lauren could eat Subway anytime. We had the chicken cheese steak and divine thick fries from Charley's Cheese Steaks and Fries. Yum, yum. Messy but very tasty.

We did catch the 6:44 home. We got very lucky, About ten minutes after we got on the bus, it finally started raining, and hard. It didn't last long, though. Lauren showed me a large but fast-moving blob that mostly seemed to be wrecking havoc north of us.

When we got off, the clouds mostly remained, but a beautiful orange and gold sunset could be seen under them. The rain seemed to have gotten rid of some of the worst of the weather. The wind had picked up, it was cooler, and the humidity had dissipated somewhat. We had a lovely walk to Oaklyn, talking about our families and nieces and nephews and siblings on the way.

I lead Lauren right to Common Grounds Coffee House. There was already a lively group of older women sitting at several tables in the center of the room, talking about TV shows and movies and their families. Lauren had a black iced tea and a warmed raspberry yogurt muffin. I had a spicy cinnamon iced tea and a huge cinnamon coffee cake muffin. My muffin was amazing, perfectly moist and sweet and spicy. Lauren's muffin vanished even quicker.

It was nearly 9:30 when we finally got home. We've been watching classic comedians while we're online. (And not online - the internet went down briefly a few minutes ago.) The 1962 musical Snow White and the Three Stooges isn't beloved among fans, but many casual viewers find it to be a quite adorable dose of more family-friendly Stooges. The Bowery Boys take on a gambling ring from the inside in Lucky Losers and attempt to become male escorts in Blonde Dynamite.

Right now, we're doing to the classic Shemp Stooge short "Brideless Groom." Shemp has to get married or lose his inheritance. Once they get word, every woman in town wants this slightly eligable bachelor!

(And sorry this was late. The internet went down last night before I could post it.)

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