Monday, June 22, 2015

Sunshine Summer Days

Began a surprisingly sunny day with the last Scooby Doo episode on disc 2, "Spooky Space Kook." The kids take their first mild foray into science fiction when the Mystery Machine runs out of gas next to an abandoned airfield. The farmer who lives next to the airfield has complained about seeing a UFO. The gang finds glowing phosphorous footprints and see a strange skull-like alien in a space suit running around. For once, it's Shaggy and Scooby who discover that this extraterrestrial isn't as out-of-this-world as he seems.

Didn't get to the laundromat until quarter of 12. I picked the right time. Most people must have been out enjoying the hot but not overly humid morning. I didn't do laundry last week because I did two loads the week before. I had a lot that needed to be washed, including Lauren's towels, my new tank tops, and my work clothes.

There was a box waiting for me on (what's left of) the front stoop when I got in. My order had arrived! I'd wanted Darling Charming, one of the newest Ever After High dolls, ever since she was first announced at New Year's. I also picked up Rosabella Beauty. Darling is the daughter of King Charming, the younger sister of Daring, and the tougher twin of Dexter. She's supposed to be a damsel in distress, but this gorgeous gal would rather rescue herself, thank you. She may be the only fashion doll to ever come with a Marie Antoinette hairstyle and beauty mark...and a silver armor dress and plates. Rosabella, the animal activist cousin of Briar Beauty, is just as lovely. Like another Beauty looking for her Beast, she wears a yellow dress, but her hair is much nicer and silkier than Briar's, and her dress has a cute fur collar.

It was past 2 PM when I finally headed out for lunch. I grabbed the $3.50 two-slices-and-a-can-of-soda deal at Phillies Phatties, getting my usual cheese and mushroom slices. I don't usually drink soda with sugar, but I thought I'd try the limited edition Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast that Matt at Dinosaur Dracula mentioned in an article on this summer's bumper crop of junk food. Oooh, it wasn't bad.  Basically bubbly fruit punch, but I always did like fruit punch. I ate outside on the picnic tables, enjoying the breeze.

I went across Newton River Park to and from the Haddon Township Library. The park was busy with sunbathers, people walking dogs or children, or old folks going for a stroll. It's really beautiful there now. The trees are fat and green, and the sun reflects on sparkling bottle-green waters.

The Haddon Township Library was also very busy. Today begins the first full week of vacation for many local kids. This was reflected in empty kids' shelves. The only DVDs I couldn't fit were double copies of older discs. I even managed to squeeze the 800 Scooby Doo titles in. I shelved and went through the adult DVDs while young adult volunteers worked on the audio book sets and the kids' books.

For the first time in a while, I took out a few DVDs. The library got the first new Max & Ruby set I've seen there in at least two or three years, Sharing and Caring. Also grabbed two very different independent movies, an intriguing-looking Bela Lugosi murder mystery set at a low-budget movie studio called The Death Kiss, and the vacation-themed comedy The Way Way Back.

Stopped at Phillies Yummies for root beer water ice on the way home. I saw Mr. Doria talking to two people outside of what was his store. I hope he's selling it to them. I hate passing by it and seeing it empty every day, especially since it's now the only empty store on the block. I wish they could have just held out a little longer. I think if they'd at least waited for the beauty shop to open, they would have gotten far more customers.

Spent the next hour and a half after I got in working on my travel essay. Sigh. It's not coming out as well as I'd hoped. I love to travel, I really do...but everything I seemed to recall was a bad memory, from the disastrous vacation to Six Flags Great Adventure my family tried to take in the mid-90's to my many problems with the long bus rides to and from Lauren's house from 2006 to 2008 that were often full, late, or stuck in New York traffic. That's why I took the train to New England in 2009, the last time I went up there. I really need to re-write this to make it more positive.

I had tilapia in red wine sauce, cucumbers, and the last of the steamed snap peas for dinner while watching Max & Ruby. The bunny brother and sister duo and their grandma went on their first overseas adventures to "Bunningham" (their version of London, England) in my favorite episode.

Ruby wants to take a double-decker-bus tour in "Max's Ride," but thanks to Max's desire to ride paddle boats and the Tube (subway), she keeps missing it. A trip on the famous London Eye Ferris wheel finally gives Ruby the sights she'd been hoping for.

"Max On Guard" has Max trying to get the infamously stoic Bunningham Palace Guards to smile for his camera.

"Ruby's Real Tea Party" takes Ruby, Grandma, and Max to high tea at Bunningham Palace! Ruby is desperate to see the queen, but with Max's toy frog on the loose, she may be lucky if she's allowed to stay at all.

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Linda said...

Does the essay have to be positive? If you're only recalling vacation disasters, why not turn it into a humorous essay? It might very well work better as tongue-in-cheek, like Erma Bombeck.