Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I'm Into Something Good

I slept until about 8:30-9 AM. I let Lauren sleep about an hour longer before having breakfast. We ran one more Tiny Toon Adventures travel episode while she got dressed and organized and I ate. It's "High Toon" when Buster and Babs make a wrong turn and find themselves in a Wild West town that's being attacked by outlaws. They corral Plucky and Hampton to first help them find the outlaws, then save the town.

There couldn't have been a nicer day for a walk. When we headed out around 11, it was sunny and breezy, without a hint of humidity. June is busting out all over the neighborhood. The trees are shades of green that would make emeralds jealous. The pansies and roses are up now; the tiger lilies look like they'll be out in a week or two.

Our first stop was the House of Fun. Things were a little more organized than they were the last time I visited. They even had all the arcade games turned on. Alas, we didn't have any luck this time around. We both walked out empty-handed. The comic book store next-door wouldn't open for another 20 minutes. We moved on.

We hiked past the noon traffic on the White Horse Pike to Abbie Road on Market Street. We spent a half-hour or so browsing around Bob's store. Lauren chatted with Bob about New England sports. We both did much better here. Lauren bought a couple of rock albums for her and some country and gospel albums for her dad, including The Elvis Prestley Gospel Album. I ended up with:

Patti LaBelle - Greatest Hits

Rupert Holmes - Greatest Hits (I had to, despite it being 10 dollars - the first track is the theme from Remember WENN)

Wilson Phillips - Wilson Phillips (I loved my cassette copy of this as a kid.)

Rosemary Clooney - 16 Most Requested Songs

Tina Turner - Simply the Best

We hiked down to the Audubon Crossings Shopping center after leaving Abbie Road. It was 1:30 by then. We were both hungry, and Lauren doesn't eat in the mornings. We had lunch at Sonic. It was too nice to eat indoors! We had the Ciabatta Grilled Chicken Sandwich with tater tots. She had a Raspberry Sonic Splash. I had my favorite Cherry Limeaide. We enjoyed lunch and the music. The patio was surprisingly quiet for a nice day. I think more people were using the drive-in window.

We did a little more shopping next. We had more luck with that small Game Stop in the mall. Lauren found something called The Blob 2. I picked up Super Smash Bros Brawl (for 25 dollars - that's the cheapest I've ever seen that one) and Kirby's Epic Yarn for $17.99. I did pretty well at Avenue, too. They've always been good to me. I got a turquoise tank top on sale for about 6 dollars and a pair of black shorts for 30.

It was getting hotter and hotter by 2:30, and the wind was starting to die down a bit. We decided to avoid the rush hour traffic on the Black Horse Pike and head home. We spent the next few hours after we got in playing video games. We started with Super Smash Bros Brawl. Lauren played Kirby; I was Princess Peach. I think we were pretty evenly matched. We played until we got tired of smashing buttons. We switched to Kirby's Epic Yarn after that, picking up items we missed when we played last year.

Lauren played The Blob 2 while I made dinner. I pan-fried onions and mushrooms with the chicken sausages with cheese and garlic I bought on Friday and steamed snap peas. Tore up spinach and sliced a massive radish for vegetables. Our dinner was delicious...but it was even nicer to share it with a good friend, while listening to Herman's Hermits (Lauren is a fan of their lead singer Peter Noone).

We went for a quick walk after dinner. I needed money and milk at WaWa, and we both wanted snacks. It had cooled off a little by then, and the breeze had picked up again. Lauren got a soda and a bag of Funyuns. I got a Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake Smoothie and a bag of pretzels. WaWa was busy; there was a pretty good line, not surprising, given it was quarter of 7 when we were there.

After a shower, I joined Lauren online. We watched Meatballs first. The first movie in a long line of summer-camp based films has Bill Murray as the wacky head counselor of a small summer camp in Canada. While Murray befriends a lonely camper, the junior counselors chase each other and compete with the obnoxious rich kids from Camp Mohawk in various sports. If you're a fan of Murray, teen comedies, or summer camp movies, this one is still pretty enjoyable.

I put on more WENN after the movie ended. Right now, we're on "Strange Bedfellows." I'm going to run through the second season for Lauren. She requested more of the comedy-based episodes, and the second season has some of the funniest.

Tomorrow, we're going to explore Philadelphia and Collingswood as well as we can in what's supposed to be a very hot day.

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