Saturday, June 06, 2015

Fast Farm Market Food

Started off a fast morning with more Garfield travel specials. Garfield and John are off to a tropical vacation in Garfield In Paradise. Jon the cheap traveler books them into a dingy hotel where the con artist owner spouts Jack Benny jokes. Things are looking up when they rent a snazzy 50's car and hit the beach. Their tropical heaven turns into a bungle in the jungle when the car takes them to a doo-wop-worshiping natives...and a volcano about to explode!

I made a quick errand run this morning. I went out later than I'd planned, but I still managed to check out a few yard sales in Collingswood's town-wide yard sale and hit the farm market. The market was thick with people in town for yard sales who were buying produce for barbecues. Snap peas are back out, and I saw the first New Jersey blueberries, turnips, and green beans of the season. I ended up with asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, snap peas, and spinach. Didn't have as much luck with the yard sales - saw nothing of interest in the few I stopped at.

After I got home, I did another Garfield special while quickly getting ready for work. Jon and the pets are packing up for a trip to Tinseltown after they win a pet contest in Garfield In Hollywood. Jon originally organized the number, but Garfield and Odie don't think much of his ideas and cut him out. Garfield's convinced they'll win, but Jon worries that they may leave him behind.

Work was pretty much the same as it has been, off-and-on busy. Once again, other than some annoying customers, there were no major problems. My relief was late, but it slowed down enough by 4 PM that I was able to shut down. I picked up Acme's generic Multi-Grain Cheerios on sale and muffin papers (which I forgot yesterday), then headed home.

Spent the rest of the evening doing a deep-dusting under everything in my bedroom (which took two hours!) and watching cartoons. The animated version of Alice In Wonderland is one of my favorite Disney movies. Little Alice is a pretty normal Victorian kid who finds herself falling down a rabbit hole and into a crazy, mixed-up world where cats disappear and appear at random, walruses and carpenters chase oysters, dodos hold Caucus Races, and one never knows what size one will be next! Alice finally finds her way to the Heart Garden and the Queen of Hearts, but the Queen is a bad-tempered biddy who screams at everyone. When Alice ends up on trial, she has to think fast - and eat mushrooms faster - in order to find her way home.

Creative and fun, this is one of the more unusual Disney films. It may have been too unusual for its creator (Disney himself was said to be disappointed with it), but the animation is colorful and almost psychedelic at times, and there's always something new and unusual on the screen. If you're a fan of other versions of Alice or want to try some different Disney, give Alice a shot.

Finished the night with leftovers for dinner and some Backardigans episodes on travel. Spoiled Egyptian Princess Tasha discovers "The Secret of the Nile" when she and her three pages have to find presents to convince Spinx Uniqua to tell them why the Nile has disappeared. Adventurers Tyrone, Pablo, and Tasha "Follow the Feather" to find the Flying Polka-Dotted Pony, an amazing creature no one has ever seen. They brave the perils of a booby-trapped temple and a steep feather-shaped mountain with the help of Uniqua, the Mysterious Lady.

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