Saturday, June 13, 2015

Take the Long Way Home From Collingswood

We were up by 9 to take in everything that went on this morning, starting with Oaklyn's Town-Wide Yard Sale. While surprisingly there weren't that many on this end of Manor, there were plenty of other sales around. Woodlawn Terrace around the corner was awash in sales, and there were plenty on Kendall as well. While Lauren didn't find anything, I did a little better than last year and picked up a few items. Three records:

Ringo Starr - Ringo

David Bowie - Diamond Dogs

Supertramp - Breakfast In America

And two cassettes from an estate sale on East Haddon Avenue:

Barbra Streisand - Back to Broadway

Johnny Mathis and Henry Mancini - The Hollywood Musicals

The estate sale also yielded a book of recipes and quotes about love, A Cheerful Heart by Barbara Milo Ohrbach. I found another DVD set I'd been looking for, the 2-disc Vista Series Who Framed Roger Rabbit, for two dollars at a sale on Coldspring Avenue.

We finally made it to the Collingswood Farm Market around 11. It was still busy, even that late in the morning. It's probably just as well that we didn't need much. I was mainly restocking fruit. I picked up strawberries, Florida blueberries, and the first cherries of the season. Also grabbed more snap peas before their season is over.

Lunch was a picnic in the park. We stopped at WaWa earlier in the morning and bought sandwiches, bags of snacks, and for me, a banana. (That was too soft to finish.) Lauren had a turkey and cheddar panini. I had a small turkey and provolone hoagie with honey mustard, spinach, and pickles. It was really a beautiful day for it, too. It was still hot and still a bit humid, but not quite as bad as it had been the past few days, and there was a wonderful wind. We enjoyed our meal and the brilliant greenery in the park.

When we got home, I put away our finds, and we played Kirby's Epic Yarn for a little while. Lauren and I are going back and replaying rounds, grabbing things we left behind the first time. It turns out if you defeat bad guys a second time, they'll give you patches that can open two extra rounds in the area.

Lauren wanted to wash clothes for the rest of her trip, and I had new clothes that needed to be cleaned. We decided a trip to the laundromat was in order. We timed it right. It wasn't busy when we arrived around quarter after 4. The few people there were watching golf. By the time more people were coming in, we were on our way out.

I made scrambled eggs with cheese and the one last chicken sausage and steamed snap peas for dinner. After we ate, we played another round of Pac Man Party. I finally won the woods-themed round. Getting a lot of shooting and twirling games helped.

We've been online for a while now. I ran through a bunch of WENN episodes earlier in the night, taking us through the late third season and early fourth season (including the intense season finale "Happy Homecomings" and the hilarious "And If I Die Before I Sleep"). We're now doing some black-and-white Red Skelton episodes from the early-mid 50's. I still find the commercials fascinating. It's practically a collection of mid-20th-century advertising history. The animated Pet Milk commercial with the cowboy was especially cute.

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