Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Quiet Day In the Rain

I spent most of a humid, gloomy day at work. Work was very boring. We were stone-cold dead for most of the day. The manager kept trying to get us to do stuff...but there was nothing to do. None of the displays on the front end really needed to be organized, and one can only clean so often before there's nothing left to clean. I worked on story ideas, but I got fussed at by the manager for standing there. I wasn't standing there! I was writing. It did pick up slightly later in the afternoon as we got closer to rush hour, enough that I was almost late signing off with no relief. I'm guessing people were either avoiding the rainy weather or still down at the Shore.

A couple of customers had complained about rain, and it was spitting when I came to work. By the time I got out, it was just down to spitting again. It did rain one more time, long after I got online. To my knowledge, it hasn't rained since then.

Spent the rest of the evening having a quick dinner of spinach, eggs, cheese, and mushrooms and vacuuming the apartment and airing the rag rug in my bedroom and the rug in the kitchen. I put this off, too - it drives my nose crazy - but it really did have to be done. I haven't done it since the day Lauren visited.

Ran a quick Bowery Boys movie while I worked and ate. The boys are thrilled when Sach finds a rolled-up newspaper filled with 50,000 dollars. It turns out to be Jinx Money when they discover it was the pay out from an illegal poker game. Now all the gamblers at the game are after the money! Someone carrying an umbrella is bumping the gangsters off one by one. Sach keeps seeing an umbrella with a hand, but no one believes him, including the exasperated cop who is keeping an eye on the case and the Boys.

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