Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Fairy and the Beast

This time, I slept in a bit. I mostly spent the morning once again working on fanfiction. I didn't get very far. The others have joined Jeff, Mackie, and Mr. Foley in the carriages. Hilary, who is the head of the acting troupe, asks Scott what he can do. He pretty much says "a little of everything" and explains that he's on the run from his stepfather. Hilary's not convinced, but the others remind her that they do need more help. She finally allows him to stay.

Charlie spent the morning cutting down trees outside, including a slender one right across from my bedroom window. I'd long suspected that tree wasn't in good shape. I used to watch spiders make webs on dead branches. There only seemed to be leaves on the very top. I was right - there was a large hole in the stump that indicated it had probably been dying for years.

I didn't get going until nearly 1 PM. My first stop was a quick look at the Oaklyn Library. Since they close at 2, they weren't that busy. I took a look at the DVD's and organized some of the kids' series books and picture books. I was in and out in a half-hour.

Had lunch at Jalapeno's Grill across from WaWa. It was past 1:30. The only other people there were two other guys eating solo. They had the same thing I did - the 5 dollar three-taco lunch special deal that comes with a soda. I had chicken tacos with a Diet Coke. The tacos came without dressing, but the salsa from the free tortilla chips tasted good on them. I do wish the waitress hadn't taken ten minutes after I washed my hands to bring my receipt over. She wasn't even doing anything, just messing around in the kitchen and talking to the other guy.

When I finally got out, I headed straight for the Haddon Township Library. They were bustling today, and there were tons of things to do. Even with lots of kids' DVDs to shelve, there was plenty of room for them all. The S titles even fit. The adult titles were still overloaded. There was a small pile I couldn't get in. I also shelved audio books, a stack of CDs, and a full cart of new releases.

For the first time in weeks, I took out a couple of movies. They had last spring's version of Paddington, along with the newest releases for the Disney Fairies movie series (TinkerBell and the Legend of the NeverBeast) and one of the newest for the just-closed Japanese anime film makers Studio Ghilbi (The Wind Rises). Grabbed another John Wayne/John Ford movie I hadn't seen, Fort Apache, to continue that theme.

There was a lot of things I needed that I forgot on Friday or ran out after then and couldn't live without. I stopped at the Westmont Acme on the way home. They were having a really good sale on the 11.5 oz Hellmann's Mayo in the squeeze bottles with the new, larger caps. I prefer the bottles to the jars. They come in Light, and I really don't need a ton of mayo. Ran out of tissues and pads yesterday, and my milk's getting low. For some reason, Acme has its entire stock of light bulbs on clearance. I bought two of the Acme generic 13 watt bulbs for the shocking price of $1.74 each! Treated myself to some mango cupcakes on clearance, too.

I dodged the traffic on Cuthbert and rode home across Newton Lake Park. Despite the cloudy and killer humid weather (not to mention the algae on the lake), there were still plenty of fishermen leaning against the wooden rails or standing on concrete walkways, trying to make the catch of the day. Kids played on the swings at the playground; their older siblings sat on the window at the stone shelter and enjoyed one another's company.

As soon as I got in, I went right in the bath. Ahh. That felt very nice after a humid day today and a killer hot one yesterday. I once again listened to jazz and read Can't Help Singin'.

Made a grilled cheese sandwich with farm-market fresh tomato and cucumber slices as I watched Tinkerbell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. Fawn is an animal fairy who specializes in taming difficult or dangerous creatures. This doesn't always go over well with her fellow fairies, especially the scout fairies who protect Pixie Hollow. Though Fawn swears she'll be more careful in the future after a baby hawk causes harm in the Hollow, she can't help herself when she finds tracks and fur that indicate an animal in distress. And not just any animal, but a strange, furry beast, who seems to have arrived after a green glowing comet landed in Never Land. Fawn likes her odd new friend, even if she doesn't understand why he's building those stone towers. The scout fairies, however, find a legend that proves that the NeverBeast may be a threat to Pixie Hollow. Are they right, or is Fawn's furry buddy as gentle as she claims?

A sweet end to a series that's been a pleasant surprise for me throughout. It's too bad Disney's apparently giving up on the Fairies movies. I've really enjoyed them, and this one is no exception. As with The Pirate Fairy, though another character is in the spotlight, Tink and her buddies are in there too, especially towards the end. I also liked how, unlike Pirate Fairy, no one character was played as a villain. Neither the scout fairies nor the Beast were really bad. They were just doing what they were meant to do to protect Never Land. If you or your daughter loved the other movies in this series, this one makes for a touching finale.

And it did finally rain heavily...around 8:30, by which time I was just going online. I think it's supposed to clear out by tomorrow.

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