Monday, February 24, 2020

A Preview of Spring

Began the morning with breakfast and Sailor Moon Super S. Queen Nehelenia, the head of the dark moon, breaks free of her mirror in "Terror In Motion: The Dark Queen's Evil Hand." Spider webs criss-cross Tokyo, blocking the sun and making Mamoru sick. The Guardians have to figure out what's going on and deal with the Amazoness girls causing trouble.

Looked at jobs after I ate. I searched several major job sites, but everything required too much experience or wanted me to multi-task. I wish I could just find something simple, someone who needed someone to organize or do some writing for them. I really have no idea where I should even start. My confidence levels need to improve to find a job and make money, but I won't be able to do a lot of what I want until I'm able to increase my confidence...and I'm not even entirely sure what I want to do, besides write and earn enough to either pay my rent or find a better home.

Broke for lunch at 11:30. Watched Match Game while I ate. Jimmy Walker of Good Times took Charles' place in an episode from 1975. Many fans online accuse Brett of being an attention hog, but Jimmy takes the spotlight-stealing to new levels with his constantly agitating the audience and yelling at them when they boo his answer.

Work wasn't nearly as interesting. We were dead the entire afternoon. I alternated between sweeping and cleaning up spilled chocolate chips inside and putting carts away and gathering trash and recycling outside. No problems whatsoever.  By the time the crowds picked up, I'd already headed out. It was too nice to be inside, anyway. I walked out into a sunny day that had to be at least in the mid-60's. Even when it clouded over later, the day remained fairly warm and windless.

Went back on the computer when I got home. Orson gets them in the house, where the women servants hold off the other demons. Ann (Elder) the maid tells them that Bill went up to his room to hide. Charles already figured out who Bill is - and Richard has the general idea. He orders Orson to get them upstairs before Ira figures it out and does real harm to the semi-wolf.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had a cheese and cherry preserves omelet, rye pretzels, and steamed broccoli and cherry tomatoes while watching Match Game. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest actress Lousia Moritz proved she's no dumb blonde when she managed to get a match nearly every time. Tough-guy TV producer Sheldon Leonard wasn't nearly as good and barely got any. Sale of the Century got a new champion when a long-haired drummer just got ahead of the champ and walloped everyone in the speed round. He too opted to come back again tomorrow.

Finished the night exploring streaming with three interesting shows from my childhood. Since there's a horror version currently in theaters, I thought I'd look into the original Fantasy Island. Crackle currently has the fifth and sixth season. Here, it's Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalban) greeting "da plane" with Tatoo (Herve Villenchance) and lovely Julie (Wendy Schaal). I wanted to check out the season 5 episode "Forget Me Not/The Quiz Masters" because Gene Rayburn of Match Game played one of two game show hosts who take part in the ultimate game to compete for a lovely lady. Jill St. John has an even tougher time in "Forget Me Not" as a woman with amnesia trying to remember who she is. Her current lover (Dick Gautier) thinks he knows, but her husband prefers the free spirit she's become on the island.

Jonathan and Stephanie Hart cook up trouble in the first season Hart to Hart episode "Too Many Cooks are Murder" at The Roku Channel. French chef Maurice comes to Johnathan with a secret formula that he claims will "change the world," but he's murdered before he can hand it over. While the Hart's jack-of-all-trades Max flirts with his widow, the Harts try to figure out who among the guests at his final cooking instruction also wanted that recipe, and which recipe could be the "life changing" one.

Jem and the Holograms is another cartoon from the mid-80's my sisters and I adored; the first season is currently on Tubi. We had many of the dolls and clothes, and Anny even had the stage that doubled as a cassette player. It may have also been one of our introductions to episodic storytelling; many of the stories played out in multiple parts and often had a soap-opera feel to them. Music executive Jerrica can transform into pop star Jem with the touch of her star earrings, thanks to Synergy, the computer her late father created. Jem, her sister Kimber, and their group the Holograms have to continually compete with the spoiled punk rockers the Misfits to stay in the spotlight.

Due to the late hour, I went with a one-part episode, "In Stitches." The Holograms are thrilled when they're chosen to join a huge rock fashion contest in Venice, Italy. Trouble is, so are the Misfits. They'll do anything to rattle Shana, who not only designs all the Holograms' costumes, but plays drums, too. When Shana comes up with bold new ideas and says she's not afraid of them, their boss Eric sends his sleazy henchman Zipper to steal them. Thanks to Synergy and their own talents, it's the Holograms who end up having the last laugh.

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