Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Fairy Tale Guardians

Began a cloudy but thankfully dry morning with breakfast and To Tell the Truth. I came in at the same time as three mycologists - aka professors who studied mushrooms. The panel split their votes between all three men; in the end, number 1, the blandest of the trio, was revealed to be the fungi scholar and author of a book on mushrooms. They showed many pictures from his book...and I'm inclined to agree with Bill Cullen that most of the mushrooms didn't look like anything I'd want to eat (or the ones seen in stores).

They didn't have as much luck on What's My Line? No one got close to guessing a showgirl also moonlights as a gambling lecturer. She proceeded to give the panel and the audience pointers on the dice game craps.

Work was incredibly hectic for a Wednesday. They started a big three-day seafood sale for Lent today, and we were off-and-on busy the whole morning. I did manage to get sweeping in and round up trash, but every time I tried to get to something else, someone would call me to gather trash up front or take registers. We just didn't have enough help to handle the crowds. Not to mention, they had trouble with the bathrooms and shut them down. I used the bathroom in the former doctor's office the store now uses as a storage area. My last customer was a very sweet older woman I helped to her car; her praise cheered me up immensely.

Headed straight home after work. Changed and ate chocolate-chip banana bread while watching Sailor Moon Super S. The Guardians search for Chibi-Moon in the "Labrynth of Mirrors: Chibi-Moon Captured." While the Amazons try to ride Pegasus, Zirconia tempts the Guardians to give up their quest and follow their own dreams. The girls know better - saving their friends and the Earth is their shared dream.

Nehelania finally gets what she wants in "The Golden Crystal Appears: Nehelania's Magic." She attacks Chibi-Moon, forcing Helios' spirit to return his body and him to give up the Golden Crystal in his horn. Meanwhile, she's mad as heck at the Amazons for the incident with them stealing Pegasus and sent them to a nowhere zone, then ordered Zirconia to zap their energy. Sailor Moon encourages them to destroy the balls that allows Nehelania to control them and join their group.

Searched around the web for job ideas after I ate. Once again, the job boards had nothing of interest. So many of the boards want people with experience of two years or more! That's why I haven't responded to anything. I think my next move will be to do research online about blogs for things I'm interested in and see if they need writers.

Worked on writing around 5. Malade's fireballs distract Orson enough for him to run into a tree, spilling Charles and Brett onto the ground. Charles gathers enough courage to play music and send Malade screaming, but Brett's not feeling well enough to work her nature magic. Richard fights Ira, who wants to arrest him, not see his boss marry a thief. Malade screams for him to bring him over...and Ira finally manages to get Richard down and stab his arm, sending his sword flying.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers while watching Match Game. For some reason, they jumped ahead to Orson Bean and a pair of wacky Pattys, supremely sarcastic Miracle Worker Patty Duke and the ever-creative Patti Deustch. The ladies admired the newly-repainted sets and repaired microphones and gave answers on "Trial ___" for the new champ. The lady champ on Sale of the Century bought none of the Instant Bargains, just barely won the speed round, and came back when she heard that they're switching out the prizes and the next one up is a London vacation.

Finished the night exploring YouTube. I've enjoyed the few episodes of Shirley Temple's Storybook that's currently available. Finally found one of the older black-and-white stories, "Rapunzel." Agnes Moorehead is the witch in this spooky and atmospheric rendition of the original Grimm's Fairy Tale with the father trading his daughter for rampion (a leafy green) and the prince getting blinded after falling out the window. There's also the insinuation that Rapunzel and the witch can hypnotize each other.

Shirley Temple Storybook - Rapunzel

Defunctland is a series of short 20 to 40 minute documentaries on aspects of amusement park history made by Kevin Perjurer. He mainly focused on closed or abandoned parks or rides in the first two seasons, but his third discusses Walt Disney's inspirations for Disneyland and how he came to create "The Happiest Place On Earth." Each episode has a comical theme - from film noir to country - and often, as in tonight's episode, original music that relates to the theme and is usually quite good. Tonight, Kevin and his team explored Beverly Park Kiddieland, a small children's amusement park in Southern California popular in the 50's and 60's that Walt used to visit frequently with his daughters. He actually chatted up the owner, a designer of theme park rides, for ideas for his own park, and even invited him to help him with his revolutionary new theme park idea...

If you have any interest in amusement park history like me, this is wonderfully narrated and edited and is highly recommended.

Defunctland: The History of Beverly Park Kiddieland

One of my co-workers mentioned a possible thunderstorm for this evening several times at work. The rain didn't finally arrive until I'd long gone online. To my knowledge, it hasn't thundered yet, but it has showered, sometimes heavily, since then.

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