Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sleepy Time Gal

Began the day with work. It didn't start out too badly. I spent the first half gathering carts and rounding up the trash on a gorgeous, sunny, windy morning. The crowds picked up around 11. I tried to keep up with the carts, but they kept disappearing...and then they pulled me in to take a register. I went back outside after I got out to help the other bagger who just arrived, but they wanted me back inside to bag. Thankfully, it slowed down considerably by the time I finished. Grabbed golden sugar (they were out of regular sugar; thought I'd try it) and hurried out.

Made carrot pancakes for lunch while listening to Hooked On Classics. This is the original 1981 K-Tel album featuring fast-moving medleys of popular classical pieces. My mother used a cassette version for a couple of her aerobics classes in the mid-late 80's. Though there's a few slower tunes (and at least one based around songs from The Nutcracker), most are loud and thumping and guaranteed to get your heart moving! I'm hoping the Hooked On series will make great background music for doing chores and writing.

Went down for a long nap after lunch. I worked early all week and got up even earlier today. It really wore me out. Even with Charlie and his crowd watching TV downstairs, I was still out for over three hours.

Did some writing after I finally rolled out of bed. Gene's wonky magic manages to distract Malade the evil queen long enough for Orson to pick up Brett and Charles with the wheelbarrow. Richard takes a ride on his back before Malade can pull off his hood. They're all going to warn Bill that Malade and Sheriff Ira are after him. Gene and Marcia use their magic to make themselves disappear and reappear upstairs.

Broke at 7 for a quick leftovers dinner and the original cast album of Bloomer Girl. This 1944 musical featured Celeste Holm as Evelina, the daughter of a hoop-skirt tycoon who ardently admires her aunt Dolly Bloomer and her new more comfortable "bloomers" for ladies. Her father gets her engaged to Jeff Calhoun (David Brooks), the son of a now-poor southern family. Evelina likes him, but she won't marry him until he frees his slave Pompey (Dooley Wilson). Jeff likes Evelina and agrees with her views. Many in upstate New York, however, find the new "bloomers" shocking and arrests those who wear them. No sooner are they freed than the Civil War begins, and Evelina finds herself having to wait for her man to come home.

Between the timely racial and feminist themes and a great score by Harold Arlen and E.Y Harburg that includes "The Eagle and Me" for Wilson and the ballad "Right as the Rain," I'm surprised this one doesn't turn up a lot more. There was a TV version in 1956 with Barbara Cook as Evelina that is on DVD and preserves the Agnes DeMille Civil War Ballet, but that's it. I hope someone will take another crack at this show someday - the score has some real gems.

Finished the night with Body Language on Buzzr. Jamie Farr of MASH and Mindy Cohn of The Facts of Life really had a lot of fun acting out words ranging from "gorgeous" (Mindy) to Jamie's hilarious imitation of Phyllis Diller. Poor Jamie didn't have much luck; the lady Mindy worked with had no trouble guessing most of her words and won the bonus round at least once.

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