Friday, February 28, 2020

A Windy Day In the Neighborhood

Kicked off the morning with breakfast and a couple of PBS Kids cartoons. Happiness and being happy was the theme of the day on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. He teaches "Daniel's Happy Song" to Katrina and Miss Elaina when they visit and play stuffed animals with him. "Prince Wednesday's Happy Birthday" has the kids celebrating his big day with "Pin the Tail On the Bunny" and a treasure hunt to find the cake.

Molly of Denali wants to show off for her cousin by insisting she knows how to do "Snowboarding, Qyah Style." There's one problem - she's never snowboarded before in her life. She tries to learn how from her friend Tooey, until their neighbors give them ideas for their own kind of tricks. Nadia, the daughter of a friend of Molly's mother, is supposed to do the "Seal Dance" for a local festival, but she can't get the moves right. Molly, a historic statue of a seal dancer, a group of real seals swimming by the shore, and Grandpa Nat's stories all inspire her to keep practicing until she figures it out.

I intended to return to Pluto TV for Match Game on Buzzr...but Pluto TV just would not work. They  updated their interface yesterday, and now it decided it didn't like my Roku anymore. I'd reset the Roku and put the app on. It would show the main screen, load...then return to the home screen. The Roku itself played everything else fine, and Buzzr and Pluto TV played normally on my laptop. I did e-mail Pluto about the problem, but haven't heard from them yet.

Gave up on it briefly around 11:30 and decided to head out for a walk. I wanted to volunteer at the Oaklyn Library before it closed. The windy and party cloudy day looked as gloomy as I felt. There's almost no color in the neighborhood. I saw patches of daffodils coming up in other parts of town, but they aren't here. Gardens were brown and yellow and lifeless, and the few banners were faded Valentine's Day or winter flags. I saw only a few people outside, heading into cars on a day that remained cold and blustery.

The Oaklyn Library wasn't much busier. They're still going through their books and DVDs and clearing out older or less-used titles. I didn't see much to do in the adult DVD area, but the kids' books were a mess. Had to shelve quite a few titles they'd left laying on shelves or between stacks. It being lunchtime, I saw one other man there reading the newspaper. Went to the bathroom and headed back out.

I wasn't really in the mood to go home. Had enough money left on my food stamps for a chilled mocha cappuccino drink. WaWa's coffee drink is sweet and creamy enough to mask the bitter flavor. Tossed in a soft pretzel for a snack.

After I got home, I watched I Dream of Jeannie on The Roku Channel to test the box; opted for "Everybody's a Movie Star" from the third season. Big shot movie directer Allen Kerr (Paul Lynde) wants to film a documentary at NASA and chooses Tony and Roger as his stars. Roger gets a big head when he thinks Allen called him a "natural talent"...but he really thinks Roger's a nuisance.

Got the laundry done after lunch. I picked the perfect time to do it. The laundromat was empty when I arrived, and I think I saw one other person the whole 40 minutes or so I was there. Maybe the brief flurry I ran into on my way to the White Horse Pike scared everyone off. At any rate, I worked on story notes and ignored Rachel Ray and General Hospital on ABC.

When I got in, I put everything away, then went on the computer to work on writing. Angry after Richard kicks her, Malade drains his energy. She surrounds Charles with fire, the one thing he's most terrified of. She's just thrown Richard away as Gene smashes the front door in. Accidentally - he'd been hoping to get it open, not destroy it. Marcia has to drag Bill over to do it, but they do manage to attack Malade before she can use her magic on anyone else.

Broke for dinner at 6:30...or so I thought. I spent another hour fruitlessly messing with Pluto TV. It worked once, briefly showing bigger and easier to read interface before crashing again. Tried to upload Stirr TV, but they would also play for a few minutes before crashing.

Finally gave up and added my Roku to my YouTube account instead. It did allow me to watch some Match Game. The nighttime Match Game had an Audience Match question in 1975 that went "___ Olsen." Surprisingly, the top answer was not the show's announcer Johnny Olsen! In an episode from 1976, poor Gene had a bad cold...which no one wanted him to spread around. The others kept avoiding him as much as possible. Brett teased Gene about his brown suede shoes in a 1978 show.

Wasn't really up to anything but Charlie's Angels on The Roku Channel after all that. "I Will Be Remembered" is a spooky first season episode. Former movie star Gloria Gibson (Ida Lupino) believes someone is trying to drive her insane, recreating death scenes from her previous films. She's hoping to make a comeback with a remake of one of her big hits. Kate poses as her secretary and takes care of her at home, Kelly lands a job as an extra, and Jill is supposed to be a reporter. Someone, however, doesn't appreciate the women snooping and is determined to get them and Gloria out of the way.

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