Monday, December 16, 2013

Rushed Job

I shouldn't have waited until quarter of 10 to hit the laundromat. I had to work at noon. Thankfully, it was quiet when I arrived. A few managers and one or two other people were there, but they all left quickly. It was mostly just me, my small load of laundry, and various talk shows. The trouble started when I pulled the laundry out of the drier...and it was still wet. I couldn't believe it. I could have sworn I put it on "whites & colors!" Adding another minute did nothing, and I had neither the time nor the money to switch to another drier. There were no managers around to tell them what had happened, either. I had to go home with wet clothes.

This presented a problem. Most of my work clothes were in that load. I was able to throw on an older long-sleeved work shirt, but I had to throw on damp khakis. I hung the remaining clothes on chairs, my bed, my desk chair, anything that could hold them, then gulped down apple-bread pudding and rushed to work!

I was surprised that I was only slightly late, given all the hassle with the drier. We were on-and-off busy all night. People were still a little cranky, though not as bad as yesterday. Maybe it was the Eagles game. At any rate, I was in and out with no problems.

When I got home, I made salmon with carrots and mushrooms sauteed in home-made chicken stock while watching holiday themed episodes of some of my favorite TV shows. Maxwell Smart is "Our Man In Toyland" when he and 99 go undercover at a department store to find the item that CONTROL is using to smuggle top secret information out of the country. Ricky Stratton and his father Edward learn that it is better to give than receive when they help a homeless family in the first season Silver Spoons episode "The Best Christmas Ever." Balki teaches Larry something similar when he invites their cranky boss Mr. Gorpley to their Christmas party in the fourth season Perfect Strangers episode "The Gift of the Mypiot."

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