Thursday, December 26, 2013

'Twas the Day After Christmas

Started a semi-cloudy morning with two of the Banana-Chocolate Chip Muffins I made yesterday and A Hard Day's Night. The book I got from Linda and James yesterday has inspired me to pull out my two Beatles movies and a bunch of CDs and records. Hard Day's Night was the first movie the Beatles did, and is more-or-less a fictional documentary of life for the Fab Four during the height of Beatlemania. As the quartet run from girls and are shuffled from train to room to car to TV studio, they try to keep an eye on Paul's mischievous grandfather, a "keen mixer." Grandpa is the one who finally prods Ringo, who is tired of being teased by the others, into running off right before the big show.

I'm probably one of the few fans who prefer Help!, which is in color and has a better cast and plot, but this is fun, too. If nothing else, it gives those of us who weren't around in the 60s something of an idea of just how huge the Beatles really were in 1964. There's some great lines, too. George gets my favorite: "What do you call that haircut you're wearing?" "Arthur." A must-see for fans of classic rock, the Beatles, or the swinging 60s.

Threw on a first season Sailor Moon episode as I got ready for work. Serena and Raye compete in the Miss Moon Princess skiing event in the first season show "Ski Bunny Blues," but they hit a lot more than a rough course when it all turns out to be a Negaverse plot.

Work was surprisingly quiet all day long. The head manager was worried that we'd be busy, but it's the day after Christmas. Everyone's at the malls, returning unwanted gifts or using gift cards. I was worried that we'd be short on help. We weren't. We had so much help, I spent half the day shelving candy or doing returns. I was in and out with no problems whatsoever, with equipment or customers.

I wasn't up to any kind of cooking after a 7-hour shift, even just throwing together leftovers. I went out to Tu Se Bella's behind the Acme for a slice of cheese pizza, a slice of broccoli and tomato, and a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. I got lucky. A crowd just left the tables in the front as I was getting my dinner. I ate in peace and quiet.

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