Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wonderful Christmastime

Began a rainy and ridiculously warm morning with this year's Brunch With the Beatles Christmas show. While the Beatles didn't do any Christmas music when they were together, they all did at least one holiday song solo, and Ringo put out a whole Christmas album in the 90s. They always kick the Christmas episode off with John's "Happy Xmas (The War Is Over)." We also heard Paul's "Wonderful Christmastime," George's "Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New" and Ringo's "The Christmas Dance" and "I Wanna Be Santa Claus." In addition to the Beatles' material, there were regular songs that came out during the holiday season, like "Something" and "I Feel Fine," and songs from an album by a studio group who calls themselves "The Fab Four" that re-recorded Beatles songs as Christmas tunes.

I made Banana Pancakes topped with Peppermint Whipped Cream Icing for a tasty breakfast. Tried calling Mom, but she had to run errands; I'll get her tomorrow. Called Rose instead to confirm when her brunch party is on Christmas Day. It starts at noon; I told her I'd come in about an hour earlier to help her set up the food and keep an eye on Khai.

Since the Eagles game had been moved to 8:30, I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to Christmas music and old-time radio. I have an episode of the James Stewart radio western The Six Shooter that revolves around Stewart telling an unhappy boy a western version of A Christmas Carol. The Scrooge here is a grouchy old landowner, his nephew runs a livery stable, Bob Cratchet is a cowboy, and Belle is a schoolmarm.

Did two more radio shows, along with music from The Glenn Miller Orchestra and Bing Crosby. Lauren sent me a huge stack of Red Skelton radio shows. A couple of Christmas episodes were on the top. I ran one from 1950. Junior appears in a pageant as a Christmas tree, which also features regular Red characters Deadeye (who cuts down the tree) and Clem (who sells it). The tree doesn't think he's doing anything meaningful, but Santa tells him otherwise when he reminds the "tree" what Eastern Bloc countries were going through during the Cold War.

Santa Bear's First Christmas is a really sweet kid cassette I found at a yard sale years ago. Kelly McGinnis narrates the story of a little lost polar bear who befriends a young girl and her grandfather. When the grandfather gets sick, the bear takes it on himself to gather firewood. He thinks he'll never get enough wood on his own...until he encounters a certain jolly old man in red who gives him a very special wish.

I baked Cranberry Orange Bread while I listened. This is the same Better Homes and Gardens recipe I used for Richard and his family's loaf. It came out just as well. The apartment smelled quite nice when I finally hurried out the door for work.

Work was on-and-off busy, helped by the later game and the iffy weather. There were big orders, but not a lot of them. It never got really overwhelming, and to be honest, I expected much worse. There were a few annoying customers, but the most annoying I heard thankfully was in the line behind mine. An older woman was shocked that her order came up to over 200 and refused to pay for it. She went back and forth for 10 minutes before finally leaving her entire order behind. You know, if you read the signs, you know how much the things you put in your cart are. If you're confused, ask questions.

Thankfully, it was quiet by the time I finished. I was able to get in and out with few problems. I didn't even need to eat the sandwich I packed. I enjoyed leftovers in the back room.

Oh, and no wonder the Acme cleared out so fast later. Right now, the Eagles are running right over the Chicago Bears, 33-11, at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

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