Friday, August 15, 2014

Two and Twenty Blackberries Baked Into a Pie

Work was on-and-off busy all day. It was mostly college students on their way to school, people preparing for summer birthday parties, or people going to or coming from vacation. We had a departure as well. One of the college boys joined the Marines and will be leaving tomorrow. There was a huge cake in the back room in his honor.

My relief was on time, which allowed me to go right into grocery shopping. I didn't have a huge order this week, but there were a few things I needed. The sales weren't quite as good, either. I bought more buy-one, get-one spiced chicken and three of those single fish fillets for a dollar each. Produce is on a big dollar-a-bag sale. I haven't been able to find mushrooms at the Westmont Farm Market, so I bought those. Eggs are $1.39 if  you buy 20 dollars worth of groceries. I didn't need them, but that was too good of a deal to pass. Restocked yogurt, buttermilk, skim milk, and unbleached white flour. Bought Acme's generic pie crusts to make a quick dessert later.

Mixed feelings on my schedule next week. While I do have two days off again, Tuesday and Wednesday (and I intend to keep both of those days off this time), I also have three very early days (including one on Sunday) and an 8-hour day on Thursday. No less than seven people went on vacation for part or all of this week, plus we're losing that one college boy to military leave. While I understand joining the military, I really wish they would stop letting everyone go on vacation at the same time. They have GOT to be more organized about vacation schedules!

When I got home, I had scrambled eggs with summer vegetables for dinner while watching the third of four Bowery Boys comedies set in the Armed Services. Here Comes the Marines is the only Boys Service comedy where they join up normally - they're all drafted. A lot of top officers start regretting having drafted Sach when he proceeds to imitate a doctor and cause an uproar. Turns out that the top colonel likes him and knew his father. Sach's constant promotions and new-found power keep going to his head, making him even more of a talkative nut than he usually is. Meanwhile, Slip and the others stumble on to a mystery involving a Marine who was found beaten on the side of the road, carrying a card from a local casino. Slip and the others discover that the casino is fixed...and Slip wonders if the casino and the beaten Marine may have something in common.

Oh, and I did make that pie during the second half of Here Comes the Marines. My Blackberry-Peach Pie didn't come out as well as I had hoped. The top crust did bake, but the bottom crust is still soggy. I put a cookie pan under it to catch any drips. Next time, I'll put it on the rack under the pie pan, not under the pan.

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Linda said...

Emma, I read a trick once about juicy pies, like cherry and berry pies. You should make the crusts, then put the bottom crust in the pie plate and just bake that for a bit so it gets firm. Then you put the filling in and the top on and finish baking it. But I don't remember how long you should bake that bottom crust. Maybe it's online somewhere?