Friday, September 19, 2014

Out and About

It was a cloudy, cool morning when I headed out to run errands. After a brief stop at WaWa to use the ATM machine, I headed to Westmont Plaza. Since I didn't find anything at the King of Prussia Plaza Game Stop yesterday, I decided to check out the big one in Westmont. I actually found something there right away. Sim City Creator looks like a Wii version of one of my all-time favorite Super Nintendo games, Sim City. I used to spend hours creating my very own city (always with railroads rather than cars - more expensive, but less traffic and pollution). It was $10.69 with tax. I also saw Hello Kitty Seasons and Kirby's Epic Yarn, which I may go back for next week. Mom loved Sim City, too. I'd come home from work and see her creating her own vast metropolis. The kid at the counter mentioned his mom was a fan of Sim City 3000 and would often play with him.

I next rode across the street to the Haddon Township Library for this week's volunteering session. There was a lot to shelve, especially CDs and audio books. Once again, I couldn't get most of the "S" titles on the kids' DVD racks. The "S" titles are overflowing on the adult DVD shelves, too. I ended up with Despicable Me 2, the first Star Trek reboot, and Saving Mrs. Banks again (I never did get to it last week).

It was sunnier and somewhat warmer (though still windy) as I rode across Westmont and Audubon to the Audubon Crossings Shopping Center, dodging the second half of the lunchtime traffic. I had lunch at Tu Se Bella's. I haven't eaten there in ages. Their gourmet pizzas are delicious but rather expensive. I treated myself to a slice of mushroom, a slice of white broccoli-garlic-shrimp (yes, shrimp, two rather large ones that wouldn't stay on), and a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. It wasn't as busy as it could have been during the end of the lunch hour. People mostly came in to get pies.

Went to the Acme next to do my own grocery shopping and get my schedule. I didn't really need a whole lot today. Replaced sugar, cheese, and the canned chicken and tomatoes I used on my soup. Betty Crocker cake mix was a dollar. I bought their spice mix and whipped topping to make Apple Spice Cupcakes and Spiced Whipped Icing to bring to Dad's on Sunday. Picked up that buy one, get one spiced chicken cutlets deal. Got more trail mix to make granola bars next week and canned pumpkin for pumpkin bread.

I ran into my stepsister Jessa while doing my shopping. She was picking up food for herself and for Dad and Jodie. I told her I was off this week, and she asked me if I wanted to go on another Goodwill/thrift shop expedition with her and Joe on Monday evening. Sure! I actually had nothing planned for Monday besides the usual chores. I enjoyed my two trips with them in June (the second with Lauren when she visited).

I'm a little annoyed with my schedule next week. While my first day back on Wednesday isn't bad, Thursday and Friday are 7 hours, and early ones, at that. Having something of a paycheck will be nice, but if it's not busy, standing there is going to be boring as heck. I do have next Saturday off, though. I'm glad. There's tons of local events going on tomorrow and next Saturday - yard sales, church bazaars, library book sales, flea markets, farm markets, block parties, fairs, hayrides, picnics. Unlike over the summer, when I had to work a lot of early Saturdays, I'll actually get to enjoy it all.

When I got home, I put everything away and went right back out. Took a short walk down Goff Avenue, stopping first at the boat landing at the end of the street. By then, it was a glorious day. The clouds had given way to soft, clear blue skies. I could see straight to the Ben Franklin Bridge. Went down Ridgeway and over to the school. A group of two girls and a boy chased each other under the trees in the school's front yard. The local little league football team practiced on the field in the back...until three of their teammates came rushing over carrying bags with tubs of fried chicken, chanting "KFC! KFC!" at the top of their lungs. A pair of grandparents and their little granddaughter ignored them and enjoyed the playground.

When I got in, I went straight in the bath. Ahhhh. That felt wonderful. My legs are still sore from all the hiking around at the King of Prussia Mall yesterday. No wonder Linda Young once told me "that isn't a mall, it's an exercise program!" I went over cake decorating books (to get ideas as to what to do with those cupcakes) and listened to Count Basie.

After I finally dragged myself out, I made Italian Marinated Chicken Breasts and ratatouille for dinner while watching two first-season, World War II-set episodes of Wonder Woman. "Formula 407" can make rubber as hard as steel and may help the Allies win the war...if they can get it from its Argentinian creator before the Nazis do! Wonder Woman goes west in "The Bushwackers" when a ranch owner (Roy Rogers) who provides cattle for the Allies calls the government to help stop rustlers from stealing his best stock. Meanwhile, he's raising a group of war orphans, which is making his own son very jealous.

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