Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Early Autumn Magic

Started out a gorgeous, sunny morning with some mildly spooky or fantasy-oriented episodes of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Piglet is "A Knight to Remember" when he dreams that he's a mini-knight who has to fight a dragon, with the help a familiar rabbit wizard and "The Bishop of Bounce." "Rock A Bye Pooh Bear" has Piglet scared to go to sleep after a nightmare makes him believe he'll lose all his friends. The others try to prove to him that just because your dreams are scary, don't mean they'll come true. "The Monster Frankenpooh" is caught between Piglet's not-so-scary-story and Tigger's desire for something darker when their attempt at a horror tale gets out of hand.

Work was quiet for most of the morning. It's the last day of the month, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the big weekend sale ended yesterday. It did pick up later in the day, but by that time, I was almost done. My relief was right on time, and I headed out with no major problems.

When I got home, I made tilapia with leftover pasta and broccoli for dinner while watching Summer Magic. This 1963 musical details the adventures of teenager Nancy Carey (Haley Mills) and her family when they move from Boston to a small town in Maine during the late summer. Things go well at first, with the help of the town's kindly post master/general store owner Ossium Popum (Burl Ives). A snobby cousin arrives and makes a play for the handsome college student Nancy has her eye on. Even after that's settled, it turns out that the mysterious owner of the house the Careys are renting may not be so thrilled with them being there...

A sweet, if somewhat dated, nostalgic musical tale. I love the music for this gentle excursion into nostalgia, especially Ives' "On the Front Porch," Dorothy MacGuire's gentle title number with the kids, and "Femininity" with the girls. This is a lovely family tale, especially if you have girls or are a fan of other musical family stories like Meet Me In St. Louis or Summer Holiday.

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