Tuesday, February 10, 2015

And the Fairy Tale World Will Know

Watched Sofia the First while I ate breakfast this morning. "Holiday In Enchantria" is this show's equivalent of a Christmas episode. Sofia is looking forward to her first Wassalia at the castle, with tons of presents, the lighting of the Wassalia candle, and her family all around her. Her dad, who had gone out to do some last-minute gift shopping, disappears in a snow storm. Sofia, her siblings, and her mom Miranda go out in the snow after him. Sofia thinks them getting lost in the storm means they'll have a lonely Wassalia in the woods. Princess Aurora of Sleeping Beauty reminds her that her animal friends hold the key to finding their father.

The next couple of episodes were really sweet, too. King Roland wants Baileywick, the faithful family butler, to enjoy his birthday with his brother in "Baileywick's Day Off." The kids keep asking him to help them, and he can't say no, until he no longer has the time to go out. Sofia comes up with a way for him to enjoy his birthday with everyone he loves. Lucinda is "The Littlest Witch," a cute little sorceress who hexes Sofia's friends' party. Sofia finds out she just wants to come to the party and make friends, but doesn't know how. Sofia promises to let her come to the party...if she can behave and be a real friend.

I didn't get to my laundry until quarter of 1. I'm kind of glad I waited. The laundromat was dead as a doornail for most of the hour I was there. By the time two older women arrived, chattering and laughing, my huge load only had a few minutes left in the drier. I read books and ignored the boring soap opera on the TV.

The next part of my Amazon.com order was in the mail when I got home. After building up a cult audience for two decades, Disney finally adapted Newsies as a stage show in 2012. Though the plot is more-or-less the same, the middle-aged male reporter who helps the boys spread the word about the strike is now a young female reporter who is hoping the article on the strike will make her reputation as a hard crime writer. She also replaces the paper-thin love interest sister of the Jacobs boys as the girl Jack is flirting with. The newspaper barons also now have a song, "The Bottom Line." (In the original film, the villains weren't singers and didn't have a musical number.)

This time, the world really DID know. The stage Newsies was a sell-out and huge success, replenishing the coffers of Disney's theatrical branch after the failures of the stage versions of Tarzan and The Little Mermaid. This is one of the few times I equally recommend the stage and screen versions of a property. You can't go wrong with either. The movie version has a great cast; the stage version has somewhat improved plot. Both have awesome musical numbers.

Work was steady during the first half of my shift, pretty quiet during the second half. Though it looks like we may get a tiny bit of snow later this week, and it's supposed to get very cold by the end of the weekend, right now, it's just sunny and in the 30s. Most people were probably enjoying the weather while it lasts. My relief was on time, and I had no really major problems.

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