Friday, February 27, 2015

The Knight Will Rock You

Started a sunny, chilly day at work. Work was really quiet and rather boring for most of the day. It only got even mildly busy at the beginning and end of my shift, during the lunch and dinner rush hours. Otherwise, I stood around a lot. This time, my relief was late, and I just barely got out on time.

Picked up my schedule during my break. Thankfully, it's much better and closer to normal for this time of year than it was last week. I still have Monday and Tuesday off (Tuesday for counseling). Later days on Sunday and Wednesday will give me a chance to get some errands and volunteering done. One early day on Thursday is my only concern.

I had a really big grocery order this week. I really needed to restock fruit and vegetables. Their packaged, sliced Brussels sprouts were buy one, get one. I was out of grapefruit and only had one apple left. Small bags of clementines were $1.99; thought I'd try those instead of bananas this week. Had a lot of baking items and canned goods to restock as well - jam (Dicknson's was on sale - went with Apricot Preserves), mandarin oranges, chocolate chips, baking cocoa, vanilla extract, brown sugar, chicken soup. Grabbed Greek yogurt and buttermilk for baking. I just ran out of the dollar bubble bath the other day. I got a coupon for a free container of Johnsonville Bratwurst from the Acme's Monopoly game. I picked Beef Bratwurst. Anything made from pork would probably mess with my stomach.

When I got home, I had beef bratwurst with spicy mustard, roasted Brussels sprouts, and a clementine for dinner while watching A Knight's Tale. William Thacker (Heath Ledger) badly wants to become the greatest knight ever in England. The main problem is, he's a peasant. Jousting tournaments are for the nobility only. He and two friends finally lie their way into a tournament and, after winning, train even more vigorously to become knights. William picks up several more members of his group along the way, including a female blacksmith and Geofrey Chaucer, a writer who can announce a knight like no one's business and has the bad habit of gambling away his clothes. Things get hairy when Will falls for the beautiful Jocelyn. The nasty knight who wants her hand in marriage doesn't like losing to William. He's determined to prove that his rival is a fake. William, however, has a powerful who'll step up to the plate when it seems all England is against the peasant knight.

This was one of my brother Keefe's favorite movies in the early 2000's, and Mom liked it, too. It's a medieval spoof of every sports cliche in the book...with a mainly 70's-80's soundtrack. If nothing else, I appreciate that the 70's soundtrack made Keefe a fan of Queen for life. (He was shocked when I told him that Queen has been around since at least 1975.) Paul Bettany is the standout as the hilarious Chaucer (yes, the Canterbury Tales Chaucer), who makes professional wrestling announcers sound boring. Worth a look for fans of Ledger or action movies.

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