Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunshine On a Slushy Day

I awoke to the sound of dripping. I could already see the snow on my porch slowly melting around 8 AM. I replaced it with the soundtrack from Flashdance and Springtime Chocolate Chip-Cinnamon Pancakes for breakfast. Flashdance is the tale of a woman who is a welder during the day and a taxi dancer at night. What she really wants is to audition to become a professional ballerina. It was a huge hit in 1983, but even as a child, the soap opera-ish plot bored me to tears. The music is still awesome, though. In addition to the Oscar-winning "What a Feeling!" and the hit "Maniac," other songs I love include "Seduce Me Tonight" and the touching ballad "Lady, Lady, Lady."

It was still cloudy when I headed to work, but the rain was long gone. The streets were a mess, especially on Manor. Sloppy slush clogged the roads. I had to walk while I was on Manor. Once I got to Kendall, things were a little less messy. The ramp into Oaklyn was so badly flooded, I had to cut around it, even though it was open. I just barely got there on time.

Work was steady all day. The lines did occasionally get long, but nothing like yesterday. We had plenty of help and no problems besides some cranky customers (and I was late going on break again). The sun coming out around 1 definitely helped. The college boy who was my relief was on time, and I was able to head out quickly.

As I'd suspected, the roads were much better when I got out at 3. Other than there was still a little slush on Manor, everything was wet but fine, even the Oaklyn ramp. The fact that the temperatures had rose into the 40's probably contributed. I had no trouble getting home.

I spent the next hour after I got in and changed on the computer. I did end up taking another online course. I'm hoping Writerrific: Creativity Training for Writers will help me learn to focus, develop story ideas, and stick to a story and actually finish it. The first assignment was to take a line and write anything based on it for five minutes. I did one on my troubled childhood and dislike of bullying and one on riding home on my bike.

Passed the next hour or so in the bath. Oh boy, did that feel good. I needed a good, long soak after how busy we were the past few days and that long walk home yesterday. I looked over my old Wilton Cake Decorating books, listened to my 80s soft rock CD's, and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Stuck to the 80s after I finished my bath. The big hit of Back to the Future was the Huey Lewis and the News song "The Power of Love." Though I do like that, my favorite numbers are the 50's rock. I can't hear "Earth Angel" and not think of the sequence in this movie with Marty's parents at the prom. "Roll With Me Henry" is fun, too.

I stuck with R&B and headed backwards in the 80's to 1980 and The Blues Brothers. I never understood what this movie was all about...but there is some truly awesome music. Aretha Franklin's "Think" is my personal favorite number. I also like "Shake a Tail Feather."

Tried something different after eating leftover Chinese Stir Fry for dinner. Most of the dessert recipes in the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book are either too fattening or too complicated. An apple recipe in one of the inserts was simple enough to work for me. Apple-Nut Torte was really more of a baked pudding, and one of the easiest recipes in the book - just 4 eggs, flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, apples, and nuts. I cut the sugar from 1 1/2 a cup to 1 cup and replaced half the flour with whole wheat flour. I didn't have any nuts, so I used dried cranberries instead.

Oh, yum yum. It was still too sweet (I may cut the sugar further if I make this again), but otherwise, came out very well, moist and slightly tart and a little sticky.

(Oh, and the Oscars are running at press time. The only movie I saw that was nominated was The Grand Budapest Hotel, but it did richly deserve it's wins for Costume Design and Makeup and Hairstyling.)

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