Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's a Marshmallow World In the Winter

I awoke to a white world. We did get the 4 inches that the National Weather Service said was coming, but not much more than that. I went online as soon as I finished reading The Saturdays and writing in my journal. It would seem that most local schools and businesses had merely opted for delayed openings. This included the Haddon Township Library, which was opening at noon.

I got a phone call as I was getting dressed. It was Mrs. Stahl. I was originally supposed to have counseling today, but she didn't want me riding up to Haddonfield in the snow. Would she minded if I rescheduled to the first Tuesday in March? No problem. I don't think riding up there would have been much trouble if the roads weren't bad, but it was cold, and I didn't feel like making a fuss.

At any rate, I had other things to do today. As soon as I finished breakfast and Xanadu ended, I headed out. The snow was long gone by 11:30. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Despite the cold (the digital sign at Oaklyn's City Hall said 25 degrees), the warm sun was melting a lot of the snow. Though my porch had been shoveled and salted, many sidewalks hadn't, and some back streets (including Manor) were still icy at that point. I half-rode, half walked my bike to Westmont Plaza.

Made a quick stop at Tuesday Morning first. Still no new Ever After High dolls. I saw Legacy Day (fancy dress) Apple, Thronecoming (prom) Blondie and C.A Cupid, the Thronecoming set that came with Briar, the Hat-Tastic (tea party) set that came with Maddie, two basic Blondies, one basic Briar, a few Getting Fairest (pajamas) Maddie and Briar, and tons of basic Cupid. Nothing I didn't already have or hadn't seen.

The Haddon Township Library wasn't busy at 12:30. It's probably a good thing. They're starting a huge project with the DVD's. I spent two and a half hours taping labels that said "Haddon Township Library" onto kids' DVD's that didn't already have them and then shelving them. Helped a couple of kids find movies, too, including handing the Sophia the First DVD I just brought back to a mother whose daughter is a big Sofia fan.

I still hadn't gotten to the overloaded "S" shelves by 3 PM. I couldn't go any later than that. I was starved. I didn't take out any movies, either. I was in too much of a hurry after spending half the day there.

Went back to the Westmont Plaza for lunch. I opted for a quick Chicken Pizza Sandwich at Nick and Joe's, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria that's two doors down from Friendly's. There were a few people having a very late lunch there, a bit surprising for 3:30 on a cold day. I stared at the massive pantings of the rugged Italian shoreline as I waited for my lunch, imagining I was strolling on the shore with the seagulls on a warm summer's day.

Ran a few errands on my way back. I needed a few things from Thriftway that were genuinely cheaper there. They have their own brand of whole wheat flour that costs a lot less than Gold Medal at the Acme. The small Domino's brown sugar box was 99 cents on sale. Picked up oat bran hot cereal, which the Acme no longer sells, as well.

Went across the street to Rite Aid for brush picks. They still had lots of Valentine's candy leftover. I couldn't resist another bag of York's, this time half-price. I also bought a half-gallon of milk to avoid another stop at WaWa on the way home.

I didn't get home until nearly 5! I did have an easier ride home than I had to the library. By then, most of the roads were perfectly clear and dry. Even Manor only had a little ice left on the very end by the VFW.

When I got in, I made Banana-Pineapple Muffins and had leftovers for dinner. Finally ran the last movie on that Bing Crosby set I bought last summer, Welcome Stranger. Crosby is Dr. Pierson, a laid-back young traveling doctor who is briefly taking over for Dr. McKay (Barry Fitzgerald). Dr. McKay has been practicing medicine in the same small country town for 35 years and is only now just taking a vacation. Neither he nor the town's attractive teacher Trudy Mason (Joan Caulifield) think much of this impetuous fellow who has moved from city to town and back again...at least until he has to operate on Dr. McKay's appendix. After that, McKay befriends him and even tries to get him and Trudy together, much to the frustration of her pharmacist fiancee. Pierson finally finds a reason to stay when a younger, more opinionated doctor threatens both their positions. They finally prove that there's room in town for both modern and older ways...and that living in one place does have its charms.

I wish I hadn't put this off for so long. It wound up being surprisingly charming, more than the rather cloying Going My Way. Fitzgerald and Crosby continue their warm rapport here, making the movie feel more like a TV comedy-drama at times than a typical movie. My only complaint is one of the reasons I didn't get to it until now - it's too long. Some bits could have been trimmed from the middle with no one the wiser, and Bing's rather dull songs add nothing to the proceedings.

Along with Sing You Sinners, this was my favorite of the movies on the Bing Crosby Collection set. Highly recommended for fans of Bing or medical comedy/dramas.

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