Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ice Cold Weather

The sun was shining when I finally rolled out of bed this morning, melting the snow on my steps, but the sky was a hard ice blue, and the wind howled. I opted for Banana Pancakes while listening to records. Did Goldilocks first. No, this isn't a musical fairy tale. This vehicle for Elaine Stritch is set in 1914. A Broadway star is retiring from the stage to marry a rich guy (Russell Nype) ...after she does one last movie for a demanding, tough-minded director (Don Ameche). When the movie goes over budget and schedule, she threatens to quit, but then finds herself falling for the director. Cute take on early movie-making with a decent score, including two good songs for Stritch, "I Never Know When" and "Who's Been Sitting In My Chair?"

I'd switched to Barry Manilow by the time I was doing the dishes. I finally called Dad for a ride. I didn't want to, but the wind was still going at 1:30, and the high today was 15 here. It wasn't even going to make it into single digits by tonight. I wouldn't have called him if I hadn't been working after dark, but I was done at 7. At least it was only 4 hours.

I finished up the afternoon with the Captain and Tenile before Dad picked me up at ten of 3. Work was surprisingly steady early on. I didn't think anyone would want to come out in the cold. They're probably avoiding the weather again. As of this second, we're supposed to get 2 to 6 inches tomorrow and Tuesday, more than we have gotten but nothing resembling what New England's been hit with. At least the kids are supposed to be off anyway tomorrow. It slowed down enough by 7 that I was able to shut down with no problems. 

I hurried upstairs as soon as Dad dropped me off. I had oatmeal with peanut butter and a can of mandarin oranges for a very quick dinner while listening to the soundtrack from Pete's Dragon. This live-action Disney musical from 1977 is the story of a little boy who runs away with a dragon only he can see. Fleeing his abusive hillbilly guardians, they end up in a small New England town. While Pete befriends the lighthouse keeper Lampy (Mickey Rooney) and his daughter Nora (Helen Reddy), Elliot avoids two hucksters (Red Buttons and Jim Dale) who want to use him for medicine. 

As corny as the movie is, it does have some enjoyable music. My personal favorite number is the touching duet "It's Not Easy," Pete's attempt to explain his relationship with Elliot to Nora. Nora's ballad "Candle On the Water" was nominated for an Oscar in 1977. I also like Nora's "There's Room For Everyone" as she and Pete explain that there's a place for everyone in their lives...even a dragon. I don't think Disney's ever put this one on CD, but the LP is a sweet listen if if ever comes your way. 

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