Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Before the Rain Came

I started a cool, gloomy morning with music. I couldn't really decide on anything to watch, so I settled on CDs. I love the Varasae Sarabande Cinderella album I bought a few years ago. It includes songs from many different versions of the Cinderella fairy tale - animated ("A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" from Disney), darker ("On the Steps Of the Palace" from Into the Woods, two ballads, "What Has Love Got to Do With Getting Married" and "Suddenly It Happens" from the British film The Slipper and the Rose), even gender-flipped (the adorable "Spread A Little Happiness" from another British musical, Mr. Cinders.) It's so much fun to hear how one story can be told many different ways, and how different versions advance the story. (Incidentally, for Remember WENN fans, Johnathan "Mr. Pruitt" Freeman sings "What Has Love Got to Do With Getting Married.")

Spent the next hour and a half writing. The kids have gotten Scott out, and Mr. Eldridge has reappeared to help with the trolls. Now, they have to get back to the Christmas Festival and stop Barnaby from harming Santa...but how? He has the trolls. Lisa remembers that they have an army, too - the toy soldiers! They wind them up and follow them out of the factory.

Headed out around quarter of noon to run a few errands. The Oaklyn Library was actually a bit busy for them. There was one guy working on his laptop, with quite a few others at the computer. I organized DVDs and gave a look over the kids' section while CNN droned on in the background about Bill Cosby and why the Eagles fired Chip Kelly.

(My own take on Kelly's firing...I'm not surprised. The guy was a decent coach, but not so great at choosing personnel. He didn't bother me - it's ONE bad season, folks, they happen - but everyone else, from sportswriters to my customers, have pretty much been crying for the guy's' head since it became obvious the Eagles weren't going to get anywhere this year.)

Ran to WaWa really quick after I left the library. Needless to say, since it was past 12:30, they were busy. I needed eggs and milk (both are cheaper at WaWa). Since I was there, I bought a Tuscan Turkey hoagie and Pumpkin Cheesecake Smoothie for lunch.

When I got home, I ate while listening to one of my 80's CDs. A Year In Your Life 1983 features quite a few hits I loved as a child, notiably "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper. I was grateful it was still just cloudy when I finally packed up and headed for work.

Work was steady all evening. It wasn't really that crazy, but it wasn't dead, either. People are starting to buy party food for tomorrow or use their beginning of the month money. It moved very fast. My relief was on time, and I had no problems getting in or out.

There was one last present waiting for me when I got in. The Bearclaw boots I got from Mom for Christmas arrived! They're honey-colored, with heavier fur lining than the old ones. Oh boy, are they soft! The lining is amazing. I've never felt anything this soft. They're also a tad tight, despite being a size 8, which is what I wear in every other shoe. I'm hoping they'll stretch as I wear them.

Oh, and it did finally rain...about an hour ago. According to the National Weather Service and Channel 6, today is the last day of precipitation for a while. It'll be back in the 40's and sunny for the rest of the week and into next week, including tomorrow and New Year's Day.

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