Friday, December 04, 2015

Care For the Holidays

Began a bright, sunny, chilly-but-seasonable day with more Backyardigans. Pirate Captain Austin teaches Pablo and Uniqua to have "pirate-it-tude" when they attend "Pirate Camp." Eager Uniqua and nervous Pablo don't prove too adept at swashbuckling and the heave-ho. They have to learn fast when Austin accidentally ends up in the boot of ghost pirate Captain Red Boots (Tasha). If she catches you, she'll tickle you until you turn into a ghost, too!

Spent most of the morning writing again. Maple, Mr. Eldridge, and the kids finally find the sheep on the edge of the meadow, along with laid-back Brit Little Gil Tucker. He normally travels around, singing for his supper, but he's currently in Toyland for their big Christmas Festival to welcome Santa. As they're about to enter the gates, they hear someone falling down a hill. Jack (Jeff) and Jill (Hilary) were collecting a pail of water...but they started arguing, tripped over each other, and fell. Now Jill is soaked and Jack has a splitting headache, and they're both worried about being in trouble with their boss Barnaby.

I had a quick lunch of Campbell's Italian Wedding Soup while watching Garfield's Christmas Special. Jon's looking forward to taking Garfield and Odie to his parents' farm for the holidays. While Jon tries to help his dad and brother with chores, Garfield bonds with smart, sensible Grandma. She's missing her late husband, but Garfield finds a way to bring her some holiday memories.

Work was even more of a pain than yesterday. Same problems - we still didn't have enough help to hand the beginning of the month crowds. I ended up staying a half-hour. It would slow down, then everyone would suddenly swarm to the front registers. I regret only staying a half-hour. Just five minutes after I shut down, it got busy again.

At any rate, I had shopping to do and needed to get my schedule. Other than I still don't have enough hours, it's not too bad. Only one late day, next Friday, and a couple of early days. I'm back to Wednesday and Thursday off; Wednesday will probably be my Christmas mall shopping trip. I'll do volunteering on Thursday.

The crowds were still pretty heavy when I was doing my own shopping. This was not a good thing. I had a ton of shopping to do, including my first real fruit and vegetable restock since the last day of the Collingswood Farm Market. Along with grapefruit, I picked up apples, Brussels sprouts, and cranberries. They were having big sales on baking items. Bought two lobster cakes on a manager's sale for dinner. I grabbed sugar, unbleached flour, chocolate chips, and two containers of Greek yogurt. Needed to refill the oatmeal container and replace the soup I had for lunch. Been meaning to pick up plain old envelopes for months; the Acme has theirs on clearance. I've seen these really cute Disney holiday-themed bags around for at least two weeks. I bought my favorite, the classic Disney characters dashing through the snow on a sled.

When I got home, I put everything away, then made lobster cake and pan-fried Brussels sprouts for dinner. Ran The Great Giving Holiday as I ate. This is the two-part tale of the winter holiday in Welcome to Care-a-Lot. The first story centers around Tenderheart, who is supposed to help the Great Giving Bear give out presents to Care-a-Lot residents who really care. When Beastly, who thinks he won't get any presents, gives him honey, he keeps hiccuping all over Care-a-Lot! The others do what they can to cure his hiccups. The second one takes place the day of the Great Giving Holiday. Every year, the Bears have a huge pageant to celebrate the arrival of the Great Giving Bear. Harmony has such a hard time getting the other bears to leave their new gifts, she asks Tenderheart to send help. Help comes in the form of a little boy who wants the show to be all about him. He and Harmony eventually learn a lesson in listening to others and working as a team.

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