Friday, December 11, 2015

Holly Jolly Christmas

Started the morning with Arthur's Perfect Christmas as I made the chocolate chip oatmeal cookie bars for Linda and James Young and some quick chocolate chip muffins for me. In this hour-long special from the long-running PBS Kids cartoon, Arthur Read is looking forward to a holiday filled with just the right food, the perfect glittering tree, and tons of snow. Things don't always go as well as Arthur hoped. His sister D.W decorates the tree with unicorns rather than balls and is driving him crazy with her letters to Santa. His dad wants to make a "real" Christmas dinner of lamb and mashed chick peas. Meanwhile, Muffy, the richest girl in school, is offended when her best friend Francine opts to go to her family's Hanukkah party rather her huge Christmas bash. Inspired by the Brain explaining how Kwanzaa was created in the late 60's, Buster tries to get his mother to relax and enjoy their own kind of holiday.

Went into writing while the baked goods were in the oven. Scott and Betty develop a plan to get Pruitt Barnaby out of the factory and, at least for now, out of their hair. Scott, Lisa, and Alan show Pruitt the new Toy Soldiers to try to distract him while the others continue making toys in secret....but Pruitt gets away...

I got off in time for a very quick lunch of leftovers with Cranberry Flummery (which came out a bit less starchy than last time) while watching the Rankin-Bass Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Rudy is a cutie-pie of a baby reindeer with a rather colorful problem. His nose glows bright-red. Though this doesn't bother sweet doe Clarice, it sure gets under the skin of everyone else at the North Pole. Tired of the torment, Rudolph runs away. He's eventually accompanied by Hermie, an elf who wants to be a dentist, and energetic prospector Yukon Cornelius. After a visit to the Island of Misfit Toys, they eventually end up back at the North Pole, where Rudolph's courage and their quick-thinking saves them from the Bumble Snow Monster. Meanwhile, there's a snowstorm that may give Rudolph a chance to show Santa what his nose is really good for.

Work was quite surprisingly dead as a doornail for almost the entire evening. It wasn't even that busy during rush hour. It's too early for most people to be thinking Christmas food. It'll probably pick up next week, when everyone finishes at the malls. It was so quiet when I finished, they just let me shut down and sent my relief elsewhere.

My schedule this week is actually not that bad. One late day, next Friday. Otherwise, all late morning and afternoon work, Monday and Wednesday off, and slightly more hours than I have been getting. I'm planning on spending most of next week working on the Christmas cookies anyway. I probably won't go much further than the Haddon Township Library.

I had a ton of grocery shopping to do. Grabbed broccoli and mushrooms for the first time since the farm market ended, along with apples, bananas, and grapefruit. Restocked diced tomato, ground chicken, shrimp, tea (went with Stash Chai Spice), peanut butter, and cereal (Acme's generic Multi-Grain Cheerios were the cheapest low-sugar option). Needed whole wheat flour (would have gotten it at Thriftway, but King Arthur's was on sale), cooking oil, parchment paper, and brown sugar for baking this week.

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