Thursday, December 03, 2015

Writing On a Sunny Day

I started out the day by drowning out the noise downstairs and outside with Sofia the First's holiday episode, "Holiday In Enchantria." Sofia's looking forward to spending her first Wassaila, Enchantria's winter holiday, with the royal family. However, when King Roland gets lost in a snowstorm, Sofia insists she, her siblings, and her mother go out looking for them. Things look pretty bad as the snow gets worse and they become stranded in the woods. It takes help from a certain Sleeping Beauty to remind Sofia that she does have a way to get out - her animal friends.

Spent most of the morning working on Babes In WENNLand. The kids are about to take a rest in the dark Studio B when Mr. Eldridge appears. He says he's going to take the kids to Toyland. The wicked Barnaby is trying to shut down the toy factory, and they need all they help they can get. They finally step out of the dark studio and into a bright, Technicolor meadow. As the kids are gawking, they meet their first Toyland resident. Little Maple Bo Peep has lost her sheep. If she doesn't find them, Pruitt Barnaby will throw her out into the streets! The kids and Mr. Eldridge agree to help look for them.

Had a quick but hearty lunch of Cranberry Flummery, honey-glazed carrots, and a leftover chicken leg while watching episodes of The Backyardigans. Lisa and Alan aren't the only ones who find themselves in a land full of potentially dangerous fairy tales. "Escape From Fairy Tale Village" has Tyrone as a newspaper boy in a street full of famous fairy tale villains, including a wolf (Austin), a witch (Uniqua), and a giant (Pablo). But are these villains really as bad as Tyrone assumes? And Tasha makes some "Front Page News" when she plays a photographer who is also the new super hero Super Snap. She's so busy saving the day that she never seems to have the time to get the shot of the robot rampaging the city!

Work was pretty quiet when I arrived. One of the other cashiers said it had been dead all morning. It remained quiet until rush hour...when it got insane. Not only were we incredibly busy, but we had several call-outs and not enough help to deal with them all. Self-checkout just had to go down for about 20 minutes, too. We were so busy, they were almost an hour late with my break. Thankfully, they got the girl in self-checkout to go in for me so I could get home. My original relief was one of the people who called out.

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