Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Finally Peace and Quiet

Began a cloudy morning with breakfast and a travel-themed episode of Laverne & Shirley. Part 2 of "An Affair to Forget" from the third season takes the two on board a cruise ship for five days on Lake Michigan. While Laverne has fun with the sailors, Shirley's courted by a handsome officer. Meanwhile, Lenny and Squiggy have stowed away and are trying to avoid being found out.

Did writing for the rest of the morning. While Henry shows Leia where he hid the Crown Jewels, Vader and Palpatine have Luke on board the Death Star II. The evil prime minister tells Luke that his friends are either captured and awaiting execution or about to be blown out of the sky. Luke doesn't want to harm his father...but he does want to get rid of Palpatine. He's about to attack him when Vader blocks his electrical saber.

Meanwhile, Wedge Antilles and the Rogues, the other members of the League of the Crimson Hawk, are already on board, having delivered the Death Star II to Nabarrie Palace. They set up explosives on the generators that protect the vehicle and run their guns. As soon as they're down, Langdon Croydon and his men on the Falcon come swooping in to blow it to smithereens, before it destroys all of them!

Charlie briefly returned to finish the roof late this morning. By the time I broke for lunch at quarter of 1, he was gone and the new dormer roof over the door now had fresh brown shingles. I was able to enjoy blueberry muffins and watch two episodes of Scooby Doo, Where are You? with no banging overhead. Shaggy insists that "A Tiki Scare Is No Fair" after the luau he and Scooby were attending is attacked by a ghostly witch doctor, and their guide disappears. The gang drag the two to a haunted village to investigate.

They learn "Don't Fool With the Phantom" when a wax monster steals money from a local TV station, as well as the station's manager. An old man claims he set the monster after the station, but Velma thinks there's a less otherworldly reason for a creature made of wax to want money.

Work was just as quiet today as it was yesterday. Maybe even quieter. If people weren't on vacation, they may have been scared off by the heat and stifling humidity. I only did carts for an hour, and that because the bagger who had been doing carts had finished his shift. The rest of the day, I was inside gathering baskets, doing trash, or shelving returned items. I had plenty of help from both the head bagger and the night bagger and no problems whatsoever.

Finished out the night at home with leftovers for dinner and more Lego Star Wars: Clone Wars. "Blue Shadow Virus" was even less difficult in Free Play than it had been in Story Mode. I got six minikit pieces and enough studs to buy the x6 red brick. I had a far harder time with "Destroy the Malevolence." I did get a ton of studs and five minikit pieces, but one part that had Jedi using the Force to insert pieces into sets of pipes was a pain. I just couldn't seem to aim the characters in the right places to get the pieces in. I'll try again the next time I play.

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